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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Review of ConnectiGlobe Nail Salon @ Far East Plaza [Sponsored]

14 Scotts Road #02-104A Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213
Tel:  9730 8350

Just in case you cannot locate it - its right next to Jewellery Point, level 2 of FEP

I was honoured to be invited by ConnectiGlobe Nail Salon for a sponsored nails session. This is a 2-months' young nail parlour that just opened its doors at Far East Plaza, taking over the previous Amy's Nails but creating a brand new outlook.

ConnectiGlobe Nail Salon provides a wide range of nails services including various types of manicure, pedicure, extension, nail art, nail spa etc - at very, very competitive prices that do not compromise quality though. If you sign on their packages, the pricing is even more attractive, of course.

What sets ConnectiGlobe Nail Salon apart from the rest of the nail salons / parlours out there, especially when Far East Plaza is well-known for housing many, many others? Well, there's plenty, much to my surprise.

Firstly, ConnectiGlobe Nail Salon is part of an advanced technology / advertisement group named ConnectiGlobe.  Meaning to say, this salon is founded by 2 gentlemen who understand that beauty is very important to women (and men) out there as well.     Did I say technology? Yes - that also explains why one gets to see and experience various interesting items here in this salon that surpasses technology that many salons do not have yet.

One example would be the miniature bluelight dryer (in photo above) meant for drying one finger at a time, very small and compact but works wonder.

Secondly, these sweet pink chairs are no ordinary manicure seats! They are Massage Chairs - so lean back and enjoy a good muscle knead on the house while getting your cuticles trimmed, and your mani / pedicures done. This was a very comfortable, luxury experience, getting the best of both worlds.

ArtPro Nailgraphic NailArt Printer

Finally, they have the Artpro Nailgraphic NailArt Printer, which makes it so much more easier to get nail art painted on your nails now. Imagine you no longer have to book your manicure 3 weeks in advance just so they could assign you a manicurist skilled in nail art, you  no longer have to sit there for 2 hours waiting for the nailart to be done painstakingly, and lastly, you can print nearly every image you want to see on your nails.

Besides the wide range of selection available, you may also search for your own image and save it onto the machine for printing onto your nails. Is that not awesome?!  After selecting the image, the manicurist would paint a special printing coat over your nails, and protection sleeves would be attached around the finger.

Slot the finger into the printing machine, click on the "Print" button on the touchscreen monitor above, and you are all set to go! The printing process took less than 5 minutes, and every fine intricate detail is brillantly captured.

I got my rose painted on the forefinger, and the manicurist herself was spotting these adorable nails - printed straight from the machine itself!

Exciting,  isn't it?

So, now is back to my pedicure experience here.   So there was the usual buffing, trimming and filing etc done on my feet - painful feet made so through constant wearing of heels and covered shoes in the course of work.

Service was impeccable as manicurist was affable and knowledgeable enough to address some questions I had, on care-taking of nails.

Finally, the entire process of soaking off my original gel polish, buffing, filing and trimming was over. I selected a silver-gray shade (gel) and it was being painted on expertly.  Pardon the slightly reddish toes because it has just went through a lovely nail spa session hence a little scrub was in order.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at ConnectiGlobe Nail Salon very much - with the soothing sweet pink shades, massage chairs, excellent service and very pocket-friendly pricing.  Curious? In need of a nail retreat? Drop by today to awe yourself as well.

Thank you ConnectiGlobe Nail Salon for the invite, and good efforts!

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