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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Review: Lavender Slimming Treatment @ London Weight Management [Sponsored]

60 Paya Lebar Road #01-39 / 44 / 54 / 55 Paya Lebar Square, Singapore 409051
Tel: 6262 1234 / 6372 2705

London Weight Management was established in year 2000, and used to be known as Sensualite Slimming (pronounced as "sensuali-tey" because of its mock French affiliation), so it has somewhat executed a French-turned-Brit transformation? Nonetheless, it is founded in Singapore, just to clear the air.

Other outlets include:
Jubilee Square #02-01 (Tel: 6288 1234)
Nex #B1-71  (Tel: 6908 1234)
Ngee Ann City Tower B #05-21 (Tel: 6757 1234)
Novena Square #03-26 (Tel: 6565 1234)
Tampines One #05-01 (Tel: 6260 1234)

The Clementi Mall #05-08 (Tel: 6888 1234)
Tiong Bahru Plaza #01-05 (Tel: 6388 1234)

Woodlands Civic Centre #03-06 (Tel: 6760 1234)
Yew Tee Point #01-06 (Tel: 6465 1234)
Suntec City #03-330 (Tel: 6363 1234)

Well, yes I've heard good things about them, and their marketing strategies are coming on very strong - you see their posters and advertisements everywhere. And well yes, I have put on some weight recently, especially since the food binge for the blog about a year ago. It is time to shed some weight besides dieting and exercising, especially with the wedding photoshoot coming up in about 2 months' time!

Thanks to SampleStore and London Weight Management, I tried out a session of their treatment and lost 900grams in just a day!   This was rather amazing, reinforcing what I've heard about their claims and testimonials.   Anyway, let me share the entire process of today in the form of a journalistic review.

So upon redemption of the vouchers from SampleStore.com, I called London Weight Management to book an appointment.  My appointment was booked for 2 days in advance, but the (over-enthusiastic?) staff has already sent SMSes and called at least thrice to triple-confirm the appointment, and that I was coming. It made me feel like, if I didn't turn up, they would close down or something.  All right, maybe this was their way of being welcoming.

When I reached the outlet in the afternoon, I was being greeted warmly before they brought me into the consultation room, served a glass of water, and waited for my Consultant, Anna, who later went through with me some detailed questionnaires to find out what my issues were. Ironically, even though this was a "London" company, Anna asked if she could converse with me in Mandarin throughout.

After that, I was asked to remove my clothes so that she could take photographs and measurements of my limbs, abdomen and hips. When that was done, I changed into the comfortable maroon silk Kimono, was brought to have my height and weight taken, and back to the consultation room. Anna then gave me a very detailed diagnosis of my current problem - yes, I am aware that I have put on around 2kg; and yes, I do worry because my hour glass (yes, it was exactly that, albeit a petite one!) has morphed into a pear rather unflatteringly.

Then came the part I had anticipated - instead of bringing me to try out the 1st out of 2 sponsored sessions I was entitled to, she went on and on about different packages - ranging from SGD$120.00 a month (for certain 1st-timers' promo to SGD$360.00 a month (for certain credit card holders) to SGD$502.00 a month (usual price).

I declined, and informed her that it was really my first time, and that I did not have a good experience with Slimming Sanctuary before, so I would really like to try for suitability before committing. At that, she asked if she could convert my 2 sessions into one - combining the sea salt lavender treatment with the machine treatment - around two hours in all - and I gave her the go-ahead.

We started with the Electrical Muscle Stimulation machine treatment first. I lay comfortably on the bed in one of the individual rooms, as she rubbed a fat-burning ampoule over my body.  Then I was swapped in with various "bands" and "plates" that would cause my body to vibrate when she switched on the machine.   The intensity could be adjusted, and the duration was for 30 minutes - Anna came in to check halfway, adjusting the speed to a stronger vibration with my consent.

It looked scary, I know, seeing these blue swatches draped all over my tummy, thighs and arms. But the stimulation brought about a great sensation, when you know that your fats were being softened and burned away as you nap it off.

After that, I was brought to the Steam Bath - little sauna stalls, where I enjoyed the hot and sweaty session, for about 15 minutes. Each of us had our own individual stalls, so there was no need to trade comfort for shyness.

A quick shower ensued before and after the steam bath. Upon drying myself, I was escorted to another room for the Lavendar Sea Salt Scrub and Infra-Red Warm Blanket treatment.  Anna rubbed lavender sea salt over my body, explaining again their benefits of reducing water retention in the body, increasing the body's metabolism rate, and removing dead skin cells like any body scrub.

There was a great scent to this lavender sea salt, immensely calm and soothing, intune with the background music. After that, Anna wrapped the plastic sheets I was lying on, around my body, before covering me with the thick, cushy and warm blanket to further melt my fats away. This took another 30 minutes, and she came in to check on me halfway.

When the session ended, she took my height and weight measurement again, and I was astonished to note that my weight had really dropped by 0.9kg! I even re-weighed myself just to make sure. Then she also re-took measurements of my limbs and lower torso.

I took another quick shower and changed into my own clothes. Then I was brought back to the consultation room, where a lovely, cool glass of Strawberry Cereal Drink and a glass of water awaited me - the former was utterly delicious.

Here was where the hardselling continued, and she emphasized repeatedly that the instant weight loss needs a lot of maintenance or it would go back to the initial (heavier) weight.  I declined again, informing her that I was here on a trial for consideration, and thanked her for the impeccable service. Immediately her attitude changed, and she did not even want to give me her name card after that.

True colours are always prettier, and it goes to show a person's true professionalism level rather well. Hey, I merely said I needed to consider, not a definite "No"; and what if I had friends - paying customers - to refer? I guess she never thought of that. But oh well, it was still a good experience here today, and I learned alot. Thanks again for the sponsored trial!

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