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Sunday, 30 August 2015

[Media Invite] Dinner at Perfetto Cafe @ Bugis

11 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199432
Tel: 6717 3413

A 2-months old baby cafe is born - amongst the popular hipster street filled with cafes and bars. Perfetto Cafe is set in a spartan, no-fuss, rustic style, preferring non-pretentious comfort and good food to be its trademark over a glamorous setting.   It occupies 2 stories at 11 Bussorah Street - the upper level reserved for events and functions at this juncture.

This was a media invite attended by representatives from Hungrygowhere and familiar reviewers including Sihan.

We kickstarted the tasting session with Stuffed Chicken Roll (SGD$7.90) - chicken roll with crispy skin, stuffed with special-reciped beef.  The golden skin was crackling deliciously when bitten into; the teeth sinks deeper into tender flesh, until it reaches the almost mushy beef stuffings - saccharine, delicious, enhancing the subtle flavour of the chicken. A fabulous starter - but one has to take heed when consuming it because there are tiny toothpicks within the rolls holding the duo-meat intact, so don't poke your mouth please.

Next, we had an assortment of Chicken Satay and Beef Satay (SGD$11.90 each) - these strands of meat were well-marinated with heavier flavours. The flesh was succulent and moistened - unlike the typically dry satay we usually come across.

Following that, we had the Chicken Burger (SGD$7.90) with crispy sesame bun, crumbly chicken fillet, and a foliage of  cheese and homemade sauce. Everything about this burger was crispy and tasty- from the bun to the chicken patty (real chicken meat, no flour mixture or battering) as well as sides of fries.  I was thinking that some lettuce would've perfected it - but the lack therein does not in anyway compromise the taste of this burger anyway.

The Beef Burger (SGD$7.90) was made up of the same crispy sesame buns, onions, tomato slices, homemade sauce, cheese and side of fries. Crunch your way through the buns, and feel the teeth stabbing upon saccharine, juicy beef patty refreshed by layers of crisp veggie slices sandwiching it.  This was a simple but welcoming comfort food for the soul.

Shrimp Baked Rice (SGD$13.90) was piquant in its fragrance, shrimp sweetness wafting through the air, evoking hunger pangs. The mozarella cheese layer was baked till a crusty golden brown, coating the rice and scrumptious shrimp balls. It is my first time trying this innovative shrimp baked rice dish, and definitely an unforgettable taste that keeps me craving for more the very next day.

Next, Uptown Steak (SGD$19.90), a lean slab of Sirloin steak served with parmesan baguette and side of fries. The well-marinated steak was chewy, tender and contained an aromatic smokey hint to it, coming through the darker, sweeter notes of beef's natural taste.

We loved the Rack of Lamb (SGD$23.90) as well, asking for seconds because it was simply delectable. These lamb racks had no gamey taste at all - not a hint, therefore mint jelly was not necessary. The flesh was roasted to a slightly-charred, crispy exterior with very succulent and well-moistened interior walls of flesh.

Salmon (price unavailable) was awesome as well. The exterior boosted of the very slightest hint of crisps, while the flesh beneath was soft, succulent, almost done like Scottish smoked salmon with a gentle "half-cooked" texture to it.

Triple Scoops Gelato Belgium Waffles (SGD$13.90 each) were served next, with different-flavoured gelato for sharing. The chocolate flavour was my favorite - rich and dark in tones.  The waffles had a good buttery taste to them, as well as fluffy textures.

Finally, Affogato (price unavailable) concluded the meal. While I enjoyed the aromatic espresso shot and vanilla gelato, I could not comprehend the huge mound of cream forming part of this creation. The thick cream looked very pretty, but I still prefer the conventional affogato with its bare scoop of gelato.

All in all, it was an enjoyable dining experience at this 2-months old cafe, for Perfetto Cafe serves up good, honest Western food at prices that won't break your wallets. Come by for a meal or waffles  if you are in the vicinity.

Thank you Perfetto Cafe and Hungrygowhere for the invite.

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