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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

[Media Invite] Dinner at Nassim Hill Bakery @ Tanglin Post Office

56 Tanglin Road #01-03 Tanglin Post Office, Singapore 247964
Tel: 6835 1128

Nassim Hill Bakery is located at Tanglin Post Office, a rather iconic building at the edge of Orchard Road - a building I used to be very familiar with; but have somewhat forgotten about over the years...  It was good to be back, good to see the changes that have transpired.

With a comprehensive drinks list and beer and apple cider on taps, Nassim Hill Bakery is more than just a bakery - it is an energetic chilling out haven with good music and array of European magazines amidst its dim, comfortable decor in the spacious bistro.  Nassim Hill Bakery is under the Imaginings Group that runs the other well-known bars such as KPO, Balaclava and Bar Stop.

An array of interesting as well as delectable-looking bread lined the counter, good for dining in or taking away customers. We note that the marketing ladies Audrey and Jaime were very hospitable - them, and the crew took time to chat each and every customer up, thanking them for the patronage even for those who just came in to get their takeout orders / bread. It was very impressive.

And yes, these were the ladies who hosted us for evening - this was a media invite attended by the representatives of Hungrygowhere as well as bloggers such as Fundamentally Flawed, IvanTeh and Purple Taste. et al.

Erdinger 33cl, SGD$11.00 - Happy Hour SGD$8.00

We all started off with a round of drinks that kept getting replenished throughout the evening.  Drinkers and chillout-ers alert - the Happy Hour here start from 8.00am to 8.00pm, a total of 12 hours long - so whether you pair your drinks with your breakfast, lunch or dinner, there's a good-priced beverage for you.

Raspberry Lychee Iced Tea SGD$17.00) for a glass / SGD$49.00 for a jug - Absolut Elyx
Voaka, iced tea, fresh raspberries, lychee

Peach Tree Lemonade SGD$16.00 for glass / SGS$46.00 for jug - Absolut Elyx Vodka, Peach Schnapps,
fresh lemon juice, lemon mint

Yuzu Breeze SGD$19.00 for glass / SGD$55.00 for jug - Prosecco, Pimms No. 1, Yuzu, Soda water

Mojito SGD$17.00

Dirty Sriracha Bloody Mary SGD$17.00 for glass / SGD$48.00 for jug -
Absolut Elyx Vodka, Sriracha Chilli Sauce, Tomato juice, Celery, Salt

Strongbow Apple Cider 50cl,  SGD$15.00, Happy Hour SGD$11.00

Erdinger 50cl, SGD$15.00. Happy Hour SGD$10.00
Heineken 25cl, SGD$10.00; Happy Hour SGD$7.00
Heineken 50cl, SGD$14.00; Happy Hour SGD$10.00

Some deeper impressions were the Mojito because I tried it - rather average, lacking of the stronger taste of mint or lime;  Peach Tree Lemonade that came very close to my Mojito in looks and taste; Strongbow Apple Cider that was light in flavour and lacking in apple aroma at all; Sriracha Bloody Mary missing the sour tomato juice flavour, I was only able to taste Vodka, pepper and chilli in the liquid.

The lovely ladies kickstarted the food tasting with one of their signature items - Guinness Stout Bread (SGD$8.00), malt-flavoured, infused beautifully with the bittersweetness of the dark beer we all know so well; this fluffy bread goes perfectly well with butter or marmalade.

Next, we had the Market Fresh Mussels with a hint of Chilli (SGD$25.00), 250grams of French Bouchot mussels are cooked with white wine, Sriracha butter cilantro and garlic and served with crispy baguette on the side. The tiny, sweet mussels were squishy with flavourful gravy, tinged with a little hint of chilli as promised; the gravy was so good, we were still taking turns to consume it long after the mussels were gone.

The Kale Caesar (SGD$17.00) in creamy anchovy dressing, sliced hard-boiled eggs, prosciutto chips, parmesan crumbs and sliced garlic croutons - was something new. It was the first time I ate kale - one of the much-loved superfoods in the western parts of the globe, a very healthy and nutrients-rich vegetable, and I can see why it is being loved.

A Caesar without the usual refreshing leaves of lettuce, but replaced by crispy sprigs of kale that gave a good bite and gentle "green" favour; nothing too overpowering - a little like eating the top part of brocooli, only leafier. I loved the prosciutto chips too, so this great-tasting salad made it to my list of "must order" when I revisit.

The Asian BBQ Chicken Salad (SGD$15.00) - a very colorful salad consisting of grilled chicken with soy ginger dressing, garden fresh greens, mandarin oranges, edamane, toasted almonds, sesame seeds and crispy wanton skins. Enjoy the crisps of the greens, the crunchiness of the wanton skins, the succulence of the chicken as well as citrusy hints of the oranges all in one salad, giving you a kaleidescope of flavours and textures forming a beautiful unity for the palatte.

Next, Popcorn Chicken Bites (SGD$12.00) - with Sriracha aioli, fresh baby radish and sesame seeds. Eat it for the crispiness, but not the flavour, because it was not detectable, sadly.

Following that, the Gherkin Tempura with Sour Cream and Bacon Dip (SGD$9.00) - a personal favorite of the owner Samuel's, this dish comprises of lightly-battered cucmber pickles, giving the sour veggie a crackling outer layer. Either this dish is considered an "acquired taste", or I am not a pickles fan to begin with, but it just doesn't cut it for me.  I enjoyed the thick bacon and sour dip though.

After that, there was the Poutine (SGD$13.00) - fries with the Chef's entrecôte sauce, minced beef and shredded mozarella cheese; primarily a Quebec dish.  The crispy fries were subdued by the melted cheese draped around them, enveloping both into a delicious mess of "cheese fries" topped with chewy bites of minced beef - quite a hearty dish.

I loved the Soft-shelled Crab (SGD$13.00), served with remoulade chive sauce. The crackling, flakey flesh of this dish is self-explanatory and needs no description - most places can't go wrong with soft-shelled crabs as long as they are fresh and retain the natural saccharine flavour. One more, please.

Moving on, Chilli Crab Pasta (SGD$16.00 for half-sized / SGD$25.00 for full-sized) - jumbo lump crab meat sautéed with own spicy and tangy chilli crab sauce on spaghetti. The springy strands of pasta was good with bite, as is the robustness of the thick sauce - a local delight, infused with sweet crab meat and spiciness. The gravy was so good, I couldn't resist dipping baguette bread into it to soak up the goodness; however I also feel that the pasta can do with less sauce because it was a little "wet",  like being drenched in soup.

Another signature favorite of the place is their Cheddar Cheese Bacon Waffles (SGD$19.00) - cheddar cheese, bacon bits baked into signature waffle,served with side of waffle and chive sour cream. The thin, crispy waffle was fluffiness within, with tasty bacon bits studded around. Bacon lovers would love this savoury concoction, served with an additional side of bacon to reinforce the taste of the dish.

Next up, Tonkatsu (SGD$21.00) - panko-crusted pork loin, red cabbage slaw with 75°C sous vide egg. We burst the yolk, as many would, so that it cascaded lusciously over the crispy bread-crumb coated pork fillet. The pairing of flavour was decent - luscious taste of the egg complementing the savoury meat. Pity that the texture of the tonkatsu ended at the crispiness of the skin - the meat itself was rigid and unyielding.

The last savoury food dish item was the house special - Grain-fed Angus T-bone Steak (SGD$65.00)  - 500grams of beef with arugula rocket salad on the side.  We had a combination of medium to medium-rare doneness for this dish - not sure if that was the deliberate intention of the restaurant to let us experience different doneness - but either way was good for me. The meat was succulent, rich in flavour of beef fed with nutritious greens, and is a generous slab for meat lovers and big eaters.

Desserts took place finally. I really dug this Triple X Chocolate Cake (SGD$9.00) - rich, lavish slice of moist chocolate cake infused beautifully with triple sec, giving it a bittersweet flavour amidst the aroma of chocolate, well executed with a solid base and gentle interior.

Then there was Pear Cheddar Crumble (SGD$11.00) stoking one's immediate passion for its baked pear, gelato scoop and crispy cheese biscuits on the side, satiating the palate in terms of texture and taste.

Finally, Carrot Cake (SGD$8.00) was filled and studded generously with lots of nuts and some dried fruits. The texture was moist enough, crumbly; filled with crunch of the nuts and sweetness of the cream. If you love your carrot cake rich with ingredients, this is a must-have.

An Espresso (SGD$5.00) to conclude the meal, sober up the diners and awake our senses from the lure of the palatable food we just had.   The biscotti tasted of a little cinnamon infusion- tangy, good.

Nassim Hill Bakery is a good place to come back with friends to chill out with drinks over good food at affordable prices - thank you for the great experience, and appreciate Audrey and Jaime for the fabulous hosting. Thank you for the invite too, Hungrygowhere!

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