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Monday, 27 July 2015

Visit to National Orchid Garden @ Singapore Botanical Gardens

1 Cluny Road, Singapore Botanical Gardens, Singapore 259569
Tel: 6471 7361

8.30am - 7.00pm daily


Adults                                               SGD$5.00
Students                                          : SGD$1.00

Senior Citizens (age 60 and above)  : SGD$1.00
Children (under 12 years)                : Free

Yes, it was a Sunday and it means family time - a particular day we felt touristy, so decided to revisit the Singapore Botanical Gardens. Apart from dining here at Blue Bali, Casa Verde and the now-closed Au Jardin, I haven't been back properly, as a park visitor.

Anyway, the same old brand new grounds still held traces of familarity, after all these years. The Cloud Forest was gone, as were a couple of others that I don't recall... and the Swan Lake had no swans.

We were here for the National Orchid Garden this time round.  We already got an eyeful outside though, since there were many tents of florists here exhibiting orchids for sale - pots, stalks, bouquets, you name it.

So, we two happy local tourists finally finished admiring the orchids for sale, debating if we should get some for home. Then we reached the entrance of the designated spot.  As a happy surprise, Singaporeans get free entrance as part of SG50, so we just needed to present our NRICs and voila- we were in.

It was here that we were truly dazzled by the wide variety of orchid. Well, I am not a Botanist nor do I have extensive, indepth knowledge about orchidaceae at all, but I know a beauty when I spot one - and they were all worthy beauties coming in different forms and colours.  These lovely hues and nature's gifts made us forget about the hot sweltering sun totally.

Then we reached the VIP Orchid Garden, another section with more unique types of orchids. Here was where some statues and more fountains came into play as well. Each type of unique orchid had its own board, stating its name and a brief description.   We could see that a lot of efforts have been put into maintaining and upkeeping this beautiful garden of orchids.

These interesting leaves are red on one side, and green on the other.  Surprisingly, despite all the plants and flowers in these great outdoor settings, there weren't any insects or bugs disturbing us while we admired flowers.

And yes, I may not be a Botanist, but I know a Vanda Miss Joaquim when I see one! Our national flower, this hybrid beauty exudes another level of charm and beauty of its own.  Its other names are also Singapore Orchid and Princess Aloha Orchid.

After more flowers and fountains, we entered a "cage-like" enclosure of more exotic variety of flowers. Upon admiring the flowers and snapping a few shots, we exited the enclosure.

I love these archs, whether they are draped with flowers or grapevines - I told the Beau that on our wedding march-in, we will have something like that along the way - so incredibly romantic.

After passing by some orange beauty, we came to the Tan Hoon Siang Mist House (named in honor of Tan Tock Seng's relation), unfortunately there weren't any mist at all. Nonetheless, the display of flowers were still engaging - ahhh, no, I didn't mean the tinier splay or this adorable statue. Read on.

The huge orchids who take up residence here are bold and vibrant in their mesmerizing beauty, each one more vivacious than the other.  I have no names for them, just like how I have no fitting descriptions to describe their natural prettiness, inviting visitors to fall in love with them easily.

After exiting the Mist House, we traversed a high bridge (surprised that the mom loved the bridge) and got an overview of the vicinity, including the padi / field of neatly-grown plants beneath us.

Here we entered the Coolhouse, where we cooled our heels (and entire beings) literally, basking in the cool, air-conditioned comfort of this room where special breeds of orchid thrive in.  Oddly, my mother was quite taken by the Pitcher Plant, which had intimidated me since young after a Science lesson, learning what this plant is capable of doing.

Exited the coolness for some fresh air and more flowers along the way. Loved the mirrored walls that we passed by as well, where we were literally "seeing double" of these fresh-faced gorgeous beings.

The final stop was Ginger Garden, since it was on the way to our lunch destination. A small shop next to the signboard sells all types of ginger products. Once we stepped into the gardens, the ginger fragrance was rich in the air, and there were some ginger trees  and ginger flowers along the way.

Thus concluded our orchid garden trail, and bear in mind that this is only, like, half of the massive Botanical Gardens - a park ideal for family outings, jogging, picincs and getting closer to nature.

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