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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Review: Herbal Hair Treatment @ Yun Nam Hair Care [Sponsored]

60 Paya Lebar Road #B1-21 to 24 Paya Lebar Square, Singapore 409051
Tel: 6392 3232

I have heard about Yun Nam Haircare for years, but as it was always associated with more severe hair and scalp problems, such as balding etc, I never thought I would need anything from them. Well, at least not yet.  Then I received an email about "treating damaged locks" and this piqued my interest, since I was always doing hair treatments at various salons to restore my dry, chemical-damaged tresses.

As such, I booked myself an appointment and headed down for a sponsored session.  I visited the branch at Paya Lebar Square, but they have 8 other outlets islandwide as follows:-

Century Square #02-11 (Tel: 6262 3232)
Heartland Mall #03-12A (Tel: 6836 3232)
Jubilee Square #02-04 (Tel: 6457 3232)
Jurong Point #B1-38 (Tel: 6316 3232)
Lot One Shopers' Mall #03-02 (Tel: 6368 3232)
Plaza Singapure #02-15 (Tel: 6467 3232)
Clementi (CityVibe) #03-02 (Tel: 6873 3232)
Woodlands Civic Centre #04-06 (Tel: 6893 3232)

So here, I share my experience in journalistic review. Upon entering the salon, I was being attended to warmly from start to finish.  In fact, even over the phone, they had been very friendly and enthusiastic.

My consultant was Cherrie, who did a Comprehensive Scalp Analysis with me after trying to find out what my main concerns were. I mentioned mine was more of Dry Hair and some Gray Hairs issues - which, to me, were minor issues.  She did a scan for me from different ankles of my scalp, and explained the various photo diagrams on the display screen to me in detail. It was then I realised that my scalp was oily and hair regrowth rate has dropped, and there were also issues of gradual discoloration. Wow, now the problems have been magnified!

The detailed consultation went on for about 45 minutes, in which Cherrie shared with me proposed solutions, some testimonials, and tried to talk about packages. Then she brought me to the salon area for my Herbal Hair and Scalp Treatment.

There was a thorough hair wash  to cleanse my scalp, with lots of good massage moves. I was surprised that Cherrie herself did it, then she explained to me that they use therapists, so that the consultants can take better care and give a personal touch to the clients.  The Herbalogy Ginseng Shampoo smelt so good, so invigorating.

After a rinse at the sink area, I was brought back to my seat, where they applied the thick, algae-colored herbal mix onto my hair. You know, the one you often see in their advertisements on TV?  Anyway, the herbal mix had a nice scent to it as well, and was cooling on my scalp upon application.

A hair steamer was set overhead, and soon the coolness was replaced by a soothing warmth.  It was then tea and biscuits was served, as well as some magazines.  My hair was being steamed about 30 minutes, thereafter another rinse and wash session entailed.

Cherrie then rubbed some serum or conditioner into my hair, informing me that everything they used was natural and herbal. My hair was blown dry, and she sprayed another spritz of Hair Nutritional Lotion onto my hair to end the hair treatment session.  All the while she was very professional, tender and amicable.

I was back in the consultation room, where Cherrie did another scan of my scalp and showed me the difference on the screen. Yes, there was a visible difference, my scalp and hair felt very fresh, very good, and smelt very rich of ginseng's aroma as well. She tried to push for a sale here, which I declined, and she still continued to give me good advice on taking care of my hair and using the right products.

Then Cherrie presented me with a Referral Voucher, her name card and a set of Yun Nam Haircare products consisting of Herbalogy Ginseng Shampoo, Jasmine Herbal Conditioner and Hair Nutritional Lotion.    It was a very comfortable and enjoyable session; got me seriously thinking of going back and signing up with Cherrie.

Anyway, for now, thank you Yun Nam Haircare for the hair pampering session, and SampleStore, for making the connection!

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