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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Musings through Music

If there is one thing in life I cannot do without, it would be music. It is probably one of the strongest influences in many aspects, and one of the most powerful tools I have ever come across. I often marvel at its magical touch, at how it is able to transport and transform me somewhere far away, ethereal settings I would otherwise have not visited in the normal circumstances.
The Transformation through Music
A pulsating rock music or trance revertebrates through the organs, thumping away in our veins and filling us with an energy that propels tapping feet and swaying hips to turn towards the dance floors, where actions take place to the lure of these fast-beating rhythms.
Like warriors, like animals, like spirts, we all react accordingly to the music that fills us up, forging ahead or stopping to wait for the change in rhythms.


The Tranquility through Music
When stress or tumultuous events take our lives by storm, it is through music therapy that we feel soothed - classical or New Age music that connects with our soul and leads it through a series of tranquility to the inner calm within. It matters not whether we are listening to the quartet strings of an orchestra, the nimble tunes created by piano keys, the gentle flow of the waters, or mellow humming of a seasoned alto artiste, these softly alluring tunes tugs at our heartstrings and slows the beating, tames the breathing, so that when we next open our eyes, we feel soothed.
The Transformation through Music
Have you ever felt an odd sense of deja vu or an eerie sense of being transformed through music before? The effects of a foreign piece of music, or the eclectic rhythm of certain music, has somehow hooked your mind and soul, transforming you into feeling strange sensations that you have not experienced or felt before, or scenes you have not visited in reality before?

Like, the sensual stirrings in a strange irridescent setting, where darkness and colourful metallic tones fill the mind's eyes just like bright skies illuminated in coal skies? Like, immense melancholy invoked by other songs that immediately instill sad scenes or imaginations in your thoughts, tugging so hard it makes you want to weep in the current setting?
Well, I have. I have been brought to indescribable highs through music alone (no, I was not on drugs or alcoholic influence), reveling in the beauty of the strange sights around me even though I recognised nothing at all; letting the power of the music sweep over me and be my guide in these unexplainable circumstances. I have also witnessed frightening suicide or divorce scenes through musical impacts, feeling deeply the agony of the affected characters in my sights, under the influence of certain music - everything happened in a whim, there was no chance for preparation realization was a mere jolt.
The Transportation through Music
I feel music strongest when it brings my memories alive.
Every period of my life is tagged to a certain song or series of songs; a very subsconscious effort on my part. This results in the literal and momentary transportation back to a certain period in my life by the mere strings of a familiar song.  I have songs reminding me of my late Dad, songs that take me back to the cherished high school days, and songs that remind me of my first overseas trip with friends, etc. The feelings that come about are so strong, so intense that when I am being transported back in these periods in my life, all my senses are engaged and I am able to see, hear and smell everything that made up those precious moments. Sometimes, when time allows, I would allow myself more time to get lost and indulge in those memories longer, basking in the happiness they brought me, before snapping out of it voluntarily or with the ending of that particular song that brought me  back in time.
This is what music does for me - providing time travel through albums of my life, my treasured memories saved in every piece of music that coincided at the exact moments, like cameras capturing them in flims.

Music also makes for a good companion, when the rooms get too silent with no one else in sight. The accompaniment of good, familiar music lightens the mood invariably, especially when one gets to enjoy it in beautiful settings or over a glass of quality wine. The hunt for, and discovery of music that speaks to me and connects with me, is a constant sport that keeps me excited about, for there is nothing like music that expresses emotions better.
There is a need for music for every occasion - like carols for the festive season, or requiems for the darker periods of life. It signifies a journey traversed, a period transcended, as well as a part of our life; a simple but beautiful creation that is timeless and caters to all walks of life.
Music, my love.

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