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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Dinner at Prego's Italian Restaurant [Revisit again]

2 Stamford Road, Lobby level, Fairmont Hotel, Singapore 189560
Tel: 6431 6156

It was time for dinner with the SIL again, and I stole the opportunity to go to Prego's again, for their traditional, authentic Italian fare in an unpretentious setting. It is my fifth visit (at least) whereas her first, so I was hoping she would enjoy the fabulous food here.

For my previous entries on Prego Italian Restaurant's dining, please feel free to visit here and here, to see how their menus have evolved over the past couple of years.

When one enters the restaurant, they would pass by shelves of delectable desserts and pastries - the only pity is that all these are only available for takeout and not dine-in.

One also transcends the Anti-pasto counter where there's a variety of pastry, ham and cheese for about SGD$5.00 each. Then the Tiramisu shelf filled with tempting-looking cakes.

The Focaccia starter was rather different from the previous visits; served with salsa dip and butter on the side. It was still soft and fluffy though.

For mains, we had the Strozzapreti (SGD$34.00) - an interesting longish pasta with sauteed mushroom, crumble pork sausage and spiced tomato sauce. The tarty, tangy sauce was satiny smooth and the pasta had a texture - soft, but maintaining a certain pasty level that gives it a good bite. The sauteed mushrooms and crumble pork added a tasty overture to the dish.

I had the Penne Tartufate (SGD$32.00) with sauteed mushrooms and creamy truffle sauce. The taut penne pasta went very well with the swishy-juicy mushrooms. The creamy sauce was rich and luscious, the perfect dish for mushrooms lovers.

Overall, it was another great dining experience with attentive service and flavourful food.

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