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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Brunch at OMB (Oh My Bacon) Cafe

7 Dunlop Street, Singapore 209337
Tel: 6635 2633
Website:  http://omb.sg

Nestled amongst the landmarked shophouses between Bugis and Little India district, is another big, bold and beautiful concept of a cafe - well, at least for bacon lovers like me....  OMB stands for "Oh My Bacon" literally, serving dishes all containing or made up of bacon!

The wall art looks so humurous, it nearly reminds me of graffiti. Anyway, this is a light-hearted cafe that urges its patrons to have a good laugh and relax over an indulgent bacon-y meal, so why not?

*Celine and I picked a table and began dissecting the menu as well as the desserts on display.   Can you believe that they even have Bacon Brownies and Chocolate Bacon Strips?? If the thought alone sounds overwhelming (imagine everything with bacon!), fret not, it is actually not as bad, since the menu is rather varied.

*Celine started with an Iced Long Black (SGD$5.50) while I had a Hersheys Iced Chocolate (SGD$6.50) - hers was essentially just a glass of cold iced black coffee whereas mine was a rich cup of cold chocolate - everybody knows Hershey's goodness so it's self-explanatory.

The exciting part comes now - food! The Bacon and Egg Cup (SGD$12.00)  consists of exactly that - tiny eggs in bacon cups and sundried tomatoes served over a bed of crispy rosti. It was incredibly adorable, these tiny bacon cups, and the eggs sat so firmly within that even when the cup overturned, the egg stayed intact!

Bacon was chewy, good to nibble on - with the eggs, it was exactly our favourite American breakfast being served in an innovative manner! We also enjoyed the tasty rosti that crackled deliciously in the mouths.

Next, Beef and Bacon Cheeseburger (SGD$17.00) - thick, juicy slab of beef patty served with bacon, lettuce and tomatoes on toasted sesame buns, served with a side of Paprika Fries.   The beef patty was so good, so flavourful and tender it was hard not to love it.  Bacon and buns were both crispy, adding bite to the overall texture.

The paprika fries were not as crispy or spicy as it looks, but had a strong taste to it so we finished nearly the entire bucket of fries.

Okay, here is an amused shot because I've never seen anyone take a burger apart this way before, except my friend here, lol.

Dessert time finally. We had us some Jekyll and Hyde (SGD$2.50 a strip) - crispy bacon strips dipped into white or dark chocolate; giving us a crunchy mouthful of flavours burst. The combination of savoury and sweet here was intense, both strong opponents vying to dominate, resulting in a clash with the white chocolate (I feel). The dark chocolate combination was awesome though, complementing each other almost perfectly.

Finally, Bacon Brownie with Bacon Ice-Cream (SGD$9.00), the ice-cream was optional but we wanted it. Fret not - it does not mean that the ice-cream and brownies are made by blending bacon into the mixture, giving it a very porky flavour.

Rather, the sweet scoop of ice-cream (tasted like coffee ice-cream but might have been light caramel) contained tiny pieces of bacon that are unobstrusive, yet delightful when the teeth chances upon the bits and pieces - imagine eating chendol ice-cream? Something like that, only thisi is lightly savoury.

The Bacon Brownie was another piece of work altogether - a very rich square of dark chocolate with almost sticky texture, embedded with mini bacon bits. Again, the bacon bits failed to affect the taste here because the dark chocolate brownie was very substantial on its own; the bacon bits added chewy bites and a little bounce in texture; the combination was creative, and quite successful IMHO.

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