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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Tea Break at Cocoa Colony @ Shaw Centre

1 Scotts Road #01-06 Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208
Tel: 6235 8328

What was historically known to be the "elixir" in Ecuador back in 1848, cocoa was believed to be able to prevent and treat illnesses, relieve fatigue and even act as a natural aphrodisiac. So two Spanish aristocrat brothers, Carlos and Louie, who returend from Ecuador, began experimenting with and
developing cocoa drinks and snacks. Well, this became a success evidently, and we are but enjoying the fruits of their labour.

Whenever my work appointments brought me to Shaw Centre, my eyes would inevitably sweep across this tiny little cafe / takeout counter situated at the corner opposite the reception counter. The stark whiteness of this mini chocolate bar and its narrow little aisle of seats cannot fail to divert attention from the array of chocolate pastries on display.

That said, I knew I had to set foot upon this place one day and devour... something, anything. Everything here was temptation in raw form - from the cakes to muffins to gelato. Beverage-wise, they serve a variety of hot chocolate / cocoa (duh) as well as coffee and tea.

The Cocoa Bolas (SGD$6.90 each) could not escape my evil tongue today. These interesting round balls came in different flavours and colours - dark chocolate, coconut, green tea, mocha, mango, strawberry, toffee and vanilla. I chose the dark chocolate one.

A wooden mallet was being handed to me and the balls were wrapped in layers of tissue paper and placed in a basket. I was clueless how I was supposed to go about eating this, so the crew offered to help me smash it. But I preferred to do it myself - so I wrapped the balls up and began attacking it hard, with the mallet and crushing the ball. It broke apart to reveal some crispy pastry within the smooth chocolate coating.

The pastry was savoury / saltish in flavour, a delicious contrast to the rich dark chocolate coating. I could eat these biscuit-like pieces on their own! Oh, but dipping the crumbs into the thick and almost-gooey chocolate sauce was another story altogether - it was utter chocolate bliss, sweet, rewarding, and shatteringly luscious in its own right. The cocoa aroma was undeniable; it was like connecting with a very familiar old flame all over again.

By the way, we have a choice of  Dark or White chocolate dip

To top it off, there was the Cocoa 76 drink (SGD$7.90) - their signature, 76% variation in cocoa level from the Brothers' original recipe - creamy and substantial, but I found it a tad too creamy. I was hoping for more punch, a darker flavour with perhaps bittersweetness to it. Nonetheless, this made for a good afternoon drink and replenishes energy - I am not kidding when I said it absolved my headache :)

I want to come back and try more hot cocoa drinks for sure - and maybe another bola with white chocolate dip or the cakes.

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