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Monday, 15 June 2015

Lunch at Five Izakaya Rice Bar

16 Collyer Quay #01-05B Collyer Quay (formerly Hitachi Towers), Singapore 049318
Tel: 9826 1049

Lunch today was at Five Izakaya Bar @ Collyer Quay (formerly known as Hitachi Towers); had thought the colleagues were joking when they suggested having beer over lunch at first. Anyway, by day, this area is a Rice Bar, with a variety of burgers and rice sets (don) to serve the lunch crowds properly. One has to place their orders at the counter.

Most of us ended up with ½ pint of Beer (SGD$5.00) each, Asahi, I think, a rather smooth soother on a hot day.

For lunch, one of us had the Curry Chicken Don (SGD$10.55) – curry with rice. The piping hot curry with boneless chicken thigh was served in separate metal holders and according to the guys, it tasted rather good. I wouldn’t doubt that- it was brimming with ingredients.

Another one of us tried the Ebi Curry Don (SGD$10.55), with crispy fried battered prawns and nice Japanese potato curry, thick and rich in texture.

*V had Teriyaki Don (SGD$10.00) – same as the previous time when she was here because she recalled it as being good.  The chicken thigh was still kind of crispy on the outside despite being doused with teriyaki sauce, adding some notes of sweetness to the savoury dish.

I chose the Mapo Don (SGD$12.95) – spicy tofu with minced meat, simply because usually I like mapo dishes. I was expecting the tender cubes of tofu, reddish gravy and a delicious spicy flavor draped nicely over the (supposed) pearl rice. Instead, I was disappointed to see the brown mess on top of my rice. The gravy had congealed into a thick, sticky goo and was not spicy at all. The only things I managed to pick through and eat were the tofu cubes and a bit of rice (the portion that wasn’t covered up in the gooey concoction).

The burgers looked nicer; if we ever come back here I would try them for sure. Check out my review of the other branch at Cuppage Terrace – 5ive Tapas Bar here.

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