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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Dinner at Stellar @ One Altitude

1 Raffles Place, Level 62, One Raffles, Singapore 048616
Tel: 6438 0410

Having heard of this charismatic dining place with its spectacular views, the Beau and I decided to celebrate our 9th year anniversary at Stellar @ One Altitude this year.

We were given a window seat so that we could take in the panoramic views while we enjoyed the meal. The menu consisted of a variety of modern European dishes with some overlay of Japanese dishes.  We had to crack our heads to think of what to order, so we decided to settle for one of the 5-course set meals (SGD$110++) and a mains, in order to maximise what we could try here.

The starter of crispy bread was very delicious; it was delicious even without spreading butter or olive oil onto it. I seldom ask for second helpings for bread starters, but if they offered here, I would have gladly said yes (a rarity!)

We commenced with some drinks first. I had the Roses Meant to be Red (SGD$20.00) consisting of Absolut Ruby Red, Pimms No. 1, rose nectar, elderflower, strawberry puree and dry ginger ale. It was a refreshing concoction that pleased the palate immensely.

The Beau had an Apple-tini (SGD$18.00) that consisted of apple sour, apple juice and Vodka - the tarty flavour went very well with the strong alcoholic infusion.

Stellar served a house apptiser of  something like Creme Brulee, the savoury version; with salmon roe within. This was utterly tasty and rich.

For the first course of the set meal, we had the Scallops 'Carbonara' (SGD$28.00) - parmesan cheese, bacon ash, egg yolk, milk skin. The bouncy fresh scallosp was seared to a smokey sumptuousness, going very well with the creamy cheese broth surrounding it.

The next course was the Caramelized Foie Gras (SGD$28.00) served with fragrant chicken broth, cepes, garlic cream and toast. The foie gras was lightly paired with the aromatic sweetness of caramel, penetrating well into the rich buttery texture of the slab of foie gras. The chicken broth was delicate but flavourful; giving a lovely bite with each mouthful of cepes.

Following the above, the next course was Souffle (SGD$24.00), a recommendation by the service crew, comprising of twice-baked gruyere souffle with truffled frisee salad. It was another meltingly rich dish complemented beautifully with crisp green salad on the side.

The fourth course was Yellow Fin Tuna (SGD$44.00), a generous chunk of wood fired yellow fin tuna with rissoni, broad beans, petit pois and mint, fromage blanc and picked cucumber. I loved the texture of this block of tuna, fired to an excellent texture between sashimi and smoked tuna. I also enjoyed the taste of this sweet fish, surrounded by saccharine vegetables.

The final course of the set was the Roast Suckling Pig (SGD$48.00), with apricot and pistachio farce, prune compote, apple and pear jelly, and pork crackles. It was a very unconventional suckling pig, unlike the usual thin and crispy ones we were expecting. For this, the meat was very tender; the flavour had a distinctive scrumptiousness to it that reminded me of the homecooked soya bean paste gravy I love.

Overall, all the dishes were fantastic and we enjoyed the variety we got to try in this create-your-own (mix and match) set. The only downside is that they do not allow us to pick something from the Desserts section for the 5-course meal; making it rather inflexible, and we had to make do with one more savoury dish.

The Beau had another main in addition, from the Meat Platters menu. - Kobe Beef, medium rare, served with condiments of dijon and grain mustard sauce, cheese sauce, foie gras sauce, morel sauce, butter and bearnaise sauce. The meat was very succulent and chewy, filling the palate with a luscious flavour paired with aromatic smokey hints. Of all the sauces, I loved the foie gras sauce the most.

Service was quite impeccable, and the ambience was elegantly suited for celebratory events. After the meal, we went up to the Gallery Bar at level 63, offering 360 degree views of the cityscape, standing at a peak of 282 metres. It is yet another cooling rooftop bar with dazzling lights and a rather good live band - we will come here for drinks sometime soon.

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