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Monday, 22 June 2015

Brunch at My Art Space Cafe @ Istana Park

31 Orchard Road, Istana Park, Singapore 238888
Tel:  9747 4782

This gem surrounded by the lush greenery of Istana Park and sparkling blue waters used to be a lovely restaurant named Giraffe, many years ago. The Beau and I used to enjoy dining there, but it has changed hands a few times since then.

Today, My Art Space sits amongst these tranquil settings, another beautiful spot for art jamming and some serious artistic flair to be exhibited through paintings. Having passed by this hidden gem and noting the cafe herein, I knew that someday soon, I must come by to be soothed by the sweet serenity here.

Opportunity presented itself after one of the weekly activities with some clients, and I decided to pop by My Art Space Cafe, to immerse myself in some semblance of peace and bask in the beauty of the glass-house cafe concept. Rustic decor filled the interior, but the lush greens and coral blue of nature formed the best canvass of all.

When I entered, it was around noon on a Saturday afternoon, and seats were aplenty. So I got myself this darling seat right next to the gleaming pool of crystal blue waters with a gently cascading fountain. They were playing pretty good (pop) music, but I thought that World or classical music would have made this place perfect.

Settling down comfortably, I checked the artistically-designed menu out and placed order for drinks.

Wanted a photo of myself against the picture-perfect backdrop, I asked the lady on service (yes, she was about the only one at the frontline at that moment, but I was the only customer as well) to help me take a photo. Most restaurants would oblige with no issues at all, however to my shock she rejected me and informed that "Sorry, I am working right now".  ERM... sorry, but does the cafe prohibit staff from helping customers to snap a shot or two as part of service?  Never mind, thankfully my selfie skills are rather honed - self-take, self-take!

Anyway, back to the finer things about this place. I still managed to get some work done, get some reading done, relaxed myself suitably over a rather tasty brunch even as the crowd slowly seeped in. By 1.30pm, most of the seats were filled up.

I had wanted to try the Hazelnut Hot Chocolate but was informed that only the usual hot chocolate was available, so I decided on a Hot Green Tea Latte (SGD$6.80) despite being pressurized to take the "normal hot chocolate" repeatedly. It was foamy at first sip, aromatic with matcha's flavour, and creamy thereafter, not a bad choice.

For food, I went for the French Toast (SGD$16.80), that came with maple syrup, crispy bacon and sauteed mushrooms. The french toast probably received a coat or two of egg yolk, but definitely wasn't drenched or dipped into, like traditional french toast. As such, while the fragrant egg taste was missing, the bread slices were deliciously crispy in texture. Pouring maple syrup over it was heavenly.

The bacon was done the way I like it - brittle and crackling, though a tad too heavily-salted. The sauteed mushrooms was satisfying, with juicy and bouncy texture when bitten into. I have no defenses against the umami flavour that was a little strong as well, since sauteed stuff usually are. Paired with the toast, a good balance was struck.

Overall experience was not too bad, really - food being pretty decent and settings are simply stunning. To read review of another art jamming cafe, Arteastiq, see here.

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