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Monday, 4 May 2015

Lunch at LeNu [樂牛] Beef Noodles Bar @ Bugis Junction

200 Victoria Street, #B1-22 Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021
Tel: 6336 7965

Passed by LeNu Beef Noodles Bar @ Bugis Junction several times, but never thought to try until the other day when I had to fight for dining space with the lunchtime crowd after an appointment there. Seeing that LeNu (Happy Cow) Beef Noodles Bar was not too crowded with visible tables in sight, and since I was craving for soup stuff,  I headed in.

At the entrance are small trays of hors d'oeuvre (SGD$2.90 each) such as century egg cold tofu, pickled vegetables etc. When I realized that they are under the Paradise Group of restaurants, my expectations changed instantly - I hold high regard for Paradise Group eateries.

Anyway, LeNu Beer Noodles Bar serves authentic Taiwanese-style beef noodles, one of the symbolic dishes of the Taiwanese food scene.  It is a restaurant simple in style and menu; I easily picked out what I wanted to eat. They serve beef meat, beef brisket, wagyu beef noodles etc, and one could have the choice of broad or thin noodles as well as type of soup base.

The Braised Beef Combination Noodles (SGD$13.90) consists of brisket, tendon and shank, so one could have the best of all worlds. The broad noodles and spicy soup base was being chosen for this order. The soup had a distinctive "mala" (numb spiciness) flavour to it, but was not that spicy. The broad noodles were chewy but a tad hard IMHO. The beef parts were heavenly  - so melty and succulent, disintegrating richly in the mouth readily.

My Braised Beef Brisket Noodles (SGD$10.90) with the original soup base was awesome! The strands of noodles were well-textured with a springy bite to it. The broth was rich in flavour - sweetness of the beef and some herbs. The beef brisket was soft and tender; and the overall portion was generous so it made the price all worth it. No wonder even the group of Caucasian patrons sitting next to me held nothing but praise (one of them recommended this place to the other 4, as far I could gather from their conversation).

The Apple Black Tea was refreshing and filled with sweetness of ripe red apples, definitely a soother from the umami-tasting noodles.

I want to come back to eat more, for sure. In fact, I am craving for it right now even as I type.

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