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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Lunch at Ice Edge Cafe @ Kovan (Revisit)

2 Kovan Road #01-10 / 11 Simon Plaza, Singapore 548008
Tel: 6858 5729

Having been to Ice Edge Cafe (review here) before, and not being impressed much with the food or desserts, I was rather reticent when some colleagues suggested having lunch there. I went along anyway, since they were all in favor of the place. By the way, there are many items on the menu that offers One-for-One for lunchtime promotion here, hence it was value for money.

We started with some light bites, one of which was the Calamari Fritti (SGD$12.80) - battered squid rings deep fried till a crispy golden brown.  These squid rings were surprisingly good, giving the palate a beautiful contrast of crackling exterior giving way to succulent, chewy flesh within.

There was another starter of Buffalo Wings (SGD$9.80) - deep fried chicken wings with Ice Edge's own secret spicy herb sauce. The wings were rather well done with crispy skin and juicy, tender meat. The secret spicy herb sauce penetrated the wings very well too, giving it a very delectable flavor that piques the senses instantly.

The other three ordered the Seafood Aglio Olio Spaghetti (SGD$15.80), a pasta dish laden with lots of fresh-looking seafood. I did not get to try them, but colleagues said it was delicious, and not too spicy. We didn't detect any chilli flakes as well, those typically found in most aglio olio dishes.

I had the Fish and Chips (SGD$16.90) which was pretty common fare consisting of crumbly battered exterior and soft, smooth interior. The fries were pretty common shoestring fries as well.

Overall, it was quite worth it, this lunchtime promotion. The service improved tremendously this time round - or could it be because it was weekday and hence less busy?

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