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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Lunch at Guo Fu Hotpot Steamboat (国府珍锅) at China Square Central

20 Cross Street #01-31 China Square Central, Singapore 048422
Tel: 6557 0906

It was time for lunch with the colleagues, headed for Guo Fu Steampot Restaurant, the perfect choice for a rainy afternoon as such. Besides buffet meals, this place offers personal hotpot set meals as well, ranging from SGD$13.90 to SGD$17.90 per set, depending on personal preference.

They also have a variety of soup bases to choose from, such as very spicy (ma la), mildly spicy, tomyam, herbal, etc. There's also an array of dips and condiments to excite the palate further; I loved the spicy dips as well as seafood paste.

Four of them had the Pork Set (SGS$13.90), served with fresh-looking, pinkish slices of pork and arranged neatly on a tray with potato slices, radish slices, fishballs, egg, and other vegetables etc. One may also choose rice or noodles as staples for the set.

I had the Special Beef Set (SGD$17.90), since they are well known for having the best fatty beef in town. The beef was thinly-sliced and extremely succulent, sweet with freshness. The potato and radish chips were cut thinly as well; as were the rest of the crisp and fresh vegetables.

For soup base, three of them had the Mildly Spicy soup base, basically a glob of chilli in the clear broth, to give it a tangy touch that expertly enhances taste of food.

One of them had the Spicy soup base (ma la), with numbing hotness. The degree of spiciness was high, and I choked at it at first sip, hence I suggest taking it slow when selecting this soup base.

As for me, I had the Kimchi soup base. Disappointingly this soup was rather diluted; while aromatic with kimchi's flavour, it was rather mild in taste. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed it.

Before the mains were served, they served these delicious pieces of fried pumpkin pastries, crispy and sweet with velvety paste within.

At the end of the meal, fruits such as water-melon were also served, to cool the palate after a hot and satisfying meal.

The soup at this place is refillable, pricing is very reasonable, and service is rather hospitable.  I enjoyed this simple meal very much, and would definitely love to return for more.

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