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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Review of Cyber Colours Aqua-based Gemstone Minerals Pudding Foundation

Been busy trying out one foundation after another, tossing out one brand after another, I finally decided to come back to Cyber Colors Aqua-based Pudding Gemstone Foundation, formulated with valuable gemstone powders and SPF20.

What prompted me to try it a couple of years back was because of the raves about its minerals contents, as well as being a "pudding foundation" - something very different from the usual liquid or cream foundation. The stated minerals here comprise of pearl powder, ruby powder, diamond powder, coral powder, tourmaline powder, amethyst powder and jade powder - a combination of all the beauty benefits every woman loves.

At a mere SGD$36.90 for this 30ml glass jar of pudding foundation, I'd say it is very affordable. One may find this product easily at any Sasa outlets around the island, recognised by its reflecting silver box. The packaging comes with a scoop for hygiene purpose as well.

Texture-wise, this pudding foundation is not light enough to quiver in a jelly-like form, but it is certainly fluffier than cream. It feels like gel upon application - a little harder to apply as compared to liquid foundation, but nonetheless still lightweight enough.to smoothen over the face for even-ness.

It feels natural on the face, offering a sheen of radiance but not oily. Coverage is light to medium and with a light brush of loose powder, one is ready to step out. This pudding foundation is long-lasting as well, keeping the face well-nourished and the user looking good. 

I would recommend it because it is easy to apply, gives a natural coverage, fuss-free, affordable and offers all the goodness of minerals.

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