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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Marina Bay Sands Wedding Fair 2015 (Edited)

Well, I have never much been a fan of "fairs" because I usually go direct when I need anything - travelling, IT, etc. You may term me a fool because these "fairs" reap in good prices and deals, but I the thought of having to "wait for the fair dates" and jostle with the crowd has never been worth the cost-savings + freebies (if any).

However, there were a few fairs that interested me - I'd already missed the one at Resorts World Sentosa last week because of my "Drop the T" hightea (tickets were sold out anyway), so we decided to check out the Marina Bay Sands fair, to get an idea of what's instore. Well, it was an invite by the Manager because ultimately, I still went directly to the hotel prior to this fair.

Anyway, so the fair was from 11.00am - 5.00pm, and we reached around 1.00pm. Parking was a beetch because they closed the North and South carparks; after waiting in line with the rest of the cars in the middle of the roads and circling about for a while, we decided to go for valet parking (SGD$15.00).

The Melati Ballroom (level 4) was decorated beautifully in rich tones that are atypical of MBS (if you have been here for events before, you would know what I mean) - dark shades of wood and cream. We gave our names at the counter, received an information kit along with a small gift, and headed in.

There were different stations within the ballroom itself - the hotel's very own section, the photography section,  and the wedding gowns section etc.

At the front, there were a couple of wedding themes being showcased, so that we could get an idea of how the table setting and stage would look like. There was even performance by a live band or two, for the couples who might be keen on engaging bands for their joyous celebration of love.

It was our turn to speak with the sales team, so we addressed a lot of questions to them. We were shown the examples of some of the available themes, suggested menus, available dates and viewed some ballrooms to get a feel - Peony, Roselle, etc.

I also noted the wedding favors, quite lovely stuff -  we got one of them as a gift (along with the information kit). They also showed us the solemnisation areas, in the event we wanted to hold the ceremony at the hotel as well.

Well, to be frank, the "specials" were not that special because we were only planning to have around 25 tables in all, so we told the dude we'd consider while taking the time to look around a bit (there are still some choices on hand).

Then it was time to attack the food. There were quite a lot of dimsum, finger food and desserts stations around the hall itself.

I started with some brioches and chorizo pastries- pretty good stuff.  I forgot to ask if it was from their own kitchen or if not, which caterers / restaurants did they get these from. The meat-and-pickle waffle was lovely as well.

I loved the Chinese items too - black pepper crab  balls, glutinous duck balls and shredded pumpkin yam cake - exotic but palatable.

Finally, there were some desserts - an assortment of cakes and macarons for the taking. The marshmallows were amazing as well - soft like tofu cubes.

So, this was my experience of a wedding fair. It was interesting, but I think I would still go direct to the rest of the hotels for my queries and negotiations.

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