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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Lunch at Santouka Ramen @ Cuppage Terrace

21 Cuppage Road, Cuppage Terrace, Singapore 229452
Tel: 6235 1059

Having visited Santouka for dinner before (read review here), and not having a strong impression of their ramen, I decided to give it another shot today, since I had an appointment in the vicinity.

On top of that, I have heard some good things about its well-raved pork cheeks ramen, hence it piqued my curiosity.  So, upon stepping into the quaint little Japanese ramen restaurant in Cuppage Terrace, I knew what I wanted before the waiters came with the menu. It was claimed to be "very valuable parts, only 200 - 300g entire pig" and "served daily in limited quantity".

Yes, I had the Roasted Pork Cheeks Ramen (SGD$21.00 for small portion) with Kara-Miso (spicy) soup base. There was an additional SGD$1.00 charge for the spicy soup base.

This spicy soup base was a little more spicy than I remembered since my last visit (albeit at another branch), but it suited me better. It was thick and flavorful. The ramen noodles were springy but rather nondescript, similar to the Chinese yellow thick noodles.

The pork cheeks came with bamboo shoots, chives and black fungus strips, all of which I deposited into the noodle soup together with my Komi Tamago (flavored / braised egg at SGD$1.50). The pork cheek slices were smooth and tender, rich in texture but light in flavor. It was good, and the pork slices were thick enough to give a very good "mouth-feel" (known was "kou gan" in Chinese), simply to say, the palate agrees!

To cool the palate, I had a Kirin beer and Watermelon cocktail (SGD$9.00), the pale liquid gold was sweetened deliciously with watermelon infusion. It was a refreshing drink at that.

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