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Monday, 20 April 2015

Dr. Young Skincare Reviews and Giveaways

Dr. Young is an award-winning Korean skincare brand with a wide range of products for all skin types, targeted at cleansing, moisturizing to treating problem or aging skin. I bought one of their hydrating gel creams from Sasa before - a refreshing, cooling gel with light texture - hence I am rather familar with their products (at least that one).

Hence, during an event and giveaways session at Raffles Place, I was quite excited to try their other ranges of products. There were 3 samples being given to us.

If you would like to win 3 FREE Dr. Young products, simply post "Before" and "After" photos on your Instagram account, with the tags #DrYoungPTS and #DrYoungSG.

The next giveaway is equally simple - just write reviews of the products on Dr. Young's Facebook page (here) and stand to win full-sized products - simple as that.

The samples of the day comprised of  Dr. Young's  Camellia's Deep Cleansing Form, Pore Tightening Serum and Triple Action BB Cream.


Formulated with organic lemon balm, rose Vitamin C and flower complex, this bubbly-foamy cleanser helps to exfoliate the old tissues, refreshing skin and letting it appear pure & bright.

The cleanser is cooling on the palms, feeling a little like clay in texture but smoother. When lathered and applied to the face, one could immediately feel the "cleansed" difference - no residue left, no grease, but a sparkling clean feel. I don't know how to describe it, one has to try it to understand the feeling. It leaves face feeling well-cleansed and fresh.

At SGD$30.90 for a 150ml tube, I am definitely going to get the full-sized tube.


Comprising of biobenefity, marine collagen, rosewater, Phyto-Astringent and Betaine, this pore care serum is supposed to offer all the benefits of tightening pores, keeping skin moisturised and supplying elasticity to the skin.  The full-sized product goes for SGD$40.90 for 40ml.

The texture is light, like gel cream, and goes on silkily over the face. I did feel a little penetration of hydration, but there wasn't any visible or feel-able tightness. In fact, I received comments that my skin looked dry on the days I wore this, so I guess it is not suitable for me.


Incorporating ingredients such as arbutin, licorice extract, adenosine and white flower complex,  this BB cream is formulated to provide whitening, coverage, anti-wrinkle and resolve damaged skin. It is alcohol-free, unscented and comes with SPF 33 for extra protection. At SGD$30.90 for a 30ml of full-sized tube, this product is inexpensive.

The texture is a tad too rich in my humble opinion, creamy and runs the risk of cakey-ness if not careful with application. It coats the skin (can be felt rather distinctively), so please use a thin layer first. After smoothening over with loose powder, it does look good - skin looks ever so slightly plumped and radiant.

For more information on their products and ingredients, please visit Dr. Young's website here.

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