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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Dinner at Beirut Grill (Middle Eastern) Restaurant

72 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199485
Tel: 6341 7728

It was the usual Saturday evening meetup with The Beau, and we decided to go for something exotic and different this evening - Middle Eastern / Lebanese cuisine. After browsing through the rows of restaurants along Arab Street / Haji Lane, we decided on Beurut Grill located at Bussorah Street.

This charming two-storey restaurant boosts of an enchanting setting upstairs, which was where we were seated. It was named "Magic Carpet Lounge" and was complete with drapes and mirrors to give the place a rather romantic appeal. If I ever had any doubts on the phrase "dark sultry Arabian nights", tonight my doubts were cleared.

We got the low seats because the restaurant was full house on this weekend evening, so we got to dine in a really traditional manner, sitting cross-legged on the low cushioned platforms around the square table. I was comfortable with that posture, but The Beau, who's relatively taller, felt exhausted from that sitting arrangement after a while.

Anyway, we browsed the menu and debated on a few items before settling on the final choices. There were so many dishes that looked enticing, but too bad there were only two of us so what we could order was restricted. For Lebanese cuisine, most of the essential flavorings / ingredients comprised of herbs and garlic.

I started with an Beirut Cold Mint Tea (SGD$6.00) - a refreshing and delicious iced tea with a cooling taste. This one was prettily adorned with real mint tea leaves within the drink itself, giving it a stronger aroma that I loved.

The Beau went with a Salted Labhan (SGD$6.00), a Yogurt drink available salted or sweet. I would have preferred the sweet version as the salted version tasted like salt water with a milky base, that's all.

For food, we shared the Mixed Grilled Kebab (SGD$36.00), consisting of lamb chops, lamb kebab kofta, tikka kebab, shish taouk served with grilled vegetables and Oriental Arabic rice.  Needless to say, the meat were all grilled to a delicious, nearly-crispy state, so that in their tenderness or chewiness, there was that lovely, consistent smokey hint giving the assorted meat an extra enhancer. The rice was a flavors burst with the fragrance of herbs / spices.

Time to wolf down an exotic dessert now. We chose the Oum Ali (SGD$12.00) to share - fresh cream pudding with yellow raisins, nuts, coconut and crispy flakes served with honey and pistachio. It was a hot dessert, The texture was noticeably smooth and the taste was a lovely, sweet creaminess with lots of crunch in between bites.

And as though the sensual settings and scrumptious food were not enough, we were also treated to a sensational performance by a beautiful female dancer during the meal itself.  It was truly an entertaining evening to be had.

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