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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Dark Room, Golden Drapes, Stifling Silence

Entering the doors only to catch the last glimpse of the setting sun, before the night was plunged into utter darkness. The orange-pink streaks across the skies now look like angry scars across the sky's darkening skin, draped over the world robbing it of all colours. The memories are invading my personal space, parting through the deafening silence to penetrate my being ever so gently....

Photosource: http://www.remodelista.com/posts/a-glamorous-hollywood-dressing-room-from-the-desk-of-lola

And I clutch the golden silk drapes across the open windows,
Palms and fists holding the smooth, cool drapes tightly,
Clutching them as though it were my very own heart -

Can't breathe, the pain of missing what's no longer around,
Can't think, as the darkness looms heavily over me,
Can't feel, as the warm tears sweep across pale skin.

The room that we used to spin around on moods that were light,
The hall that hurtful words and debris of vases filled on other nights,
The antique clock that never failed to chime every sixty minutes.

The moon has risen to watch over me, to watch this tragedy,
Slowly unfolding with the final strains of our favourite songs;
Mayhaps the night is silently mocking me, mocking us -

On this night so dramatic, terrifying; making the world so huge,
Magnifying the lines that hold the earth intact,
Pushing back the boundaries of the lonely planet -

Making it frightening to even miss you, or the memories,
Every deep breath hits my chest painfully,
This is not the night to think of those who no longer reside here...

And just as I'd imagined, your footsteps were heavy and steady on the wood-panelled floorboards, walking towards me, coming in my direction. The breezes part the golden drapes to let in more moonlight, painting a part of the dark world colourful; and then the footfalls stopped. I did not even know when they'd stopped, or why, but the house, vast as it is, seems to close in on me now - the walls are inching in closer, my breath is coming in shorter and faster gasps -

In the distance, the full moon looks on through the open windows, my golden silken drapes fluttering on its sides, like the beautiful face of a lady with golden tresses; it was almost mesmerizing.

Then it all became black....

copyright © thearcticstar 2015. All Rights Reserved

Inspired by the song "One More Time" by Laura Pausini 

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