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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Lunch at Shokudo Coffee House @ The Seletar Mall

32 Seng Kang West Avenue #02-K1 / K2 / K3 The Seletar Mall, Singapore 797653
Tel: 6702 3202

Shokudo Japanese Coffee House is under the Minor Food Group, which also houses Thai Express, Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe, Buffet Town etc.  Despite dubbing themselves as a "Japanese" diner serving Japanese cuisine, we feel that their concept is more fusion, combining the Western-Japanese touches in their dishes.

I remember them well when they had that outlet in Bugis Junction, and we used to enjoy dining there. Currently, they have 3 outlets in Singapore, being Cathay Cineleisure, Kallang Wave, and The Seletar Mall. I headed to the latter for lunch.

*Jalen and I started with drinks. *Jalon had the Lychee Juice (SGD$4.20) and I had the Iced Yuzu Tea (SGD$5.80)

Then we had the Clams in Vongole Soup (SGD$6.80). The clams were soft and rather fresh; but the highlight was really the broth with white wine. It was very, very tasty, my friend and I could not help but took turns to drink the broth till every last drop was finished.

Next up, the Ebi Tempura (SGD$8.80) - fried battered shrimps. The battered crusts crackled between the teeth deliciously while the shrimps were tender and soft within, it felt like the combination was melting away in the mouth nicely.

Following that, it was the Beef Amiyaki (SGD$12.80). It was served on a mini stove to be kept warm, and was very succulent in texture. As for taste-wise, I thought it was pretty normal slab of beef but *Jalen thought it was very good in flavor.

Our next dish was the Unagi Pizza (SGD$15.80) - it was a very crispy thin-crust pizza, the type I like. It was also laden with lots of shiitake mushroom slices, pieces of eel and melted cheese strewn all over. The flavor was strong and flavorful; and there was a crunch to every bite that we enjoyed as well.

Finally, Miso Chicken Wings (SGD$8.80). The fat wings were crispy on the outside and utterly juicy on the inside; the flesh was succulent and a lovely, sweet contrast to the slightly charred fragrance of the skin, which was marinated marvelously with miso's infusion.

It was a very full meal and we probably over-ordered again. I wanted desserts but had no more space for it. I was glad we chose Shokudo for lunch because most items were simple yet tasty.

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