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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Afternoon Tea at KKI Sweets @ SOTA

1 Zubir Said Drive, #02-01, School of the Arts SOTA, Singapore 227268
Tel: 6225 6650

After much anticipation, I finally got to try KKI  - it used to be at Tanjong Pagar area but had closed briefly, and I didn't get to try it at all.  This quaint, neat, pretty cafe has relocated, and I managed to hunt it down, bringing my colleague in tow.

KKI Sweets is the cafe arm of KKI Home, retailing household products and tableware. This cafe serves Japanese-inspired French desserts.

We were pretty excited at the array of pretty cakes, so each of us picked one to share and try.

*Z had her Mocha, and commented that it was not bad.

I had a Ume Green Tea, which tasted like normal Japanese Green Tea and had zero hint of ume (Japanese plum) at all.

For the desserts, *Z, being an avid coffee lover, chose the Tiramisu (SGD$8.80) - mascarpone cheese mousse cake with Kahlua centre. The cake was very fine in texture, and soft; the flavor was creamy and sweet; the liqueur centre penetrated the cake well enough to give it a wicked boost, but not overpowering.

I chose the Fromage Melon (SGD$8.80) - cheese mousse cake with rock melon centre. The texture was fluffy light, melting lusciously in the mouth in a light cream flavor. The rock melon centre added a refreshing touch but did not affect the gentle taste of the cheesecake as a whole.

Overall, the cakes were pretty good but nothing that would wow us enough to come back soon - ok, *Z said she would, for the quiet, lovely ambience. Service was rather good anyway.

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