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Monday, 9 February 2015

Review of Astalift's Jelly Aquarysta

I heard of Astalift's Jelly Aquarysta for about a year now, but haven't really given it due consideration because I have been busy, and trying out other brands. However, recently, this product piqued my interest again as I passed by the flagship outlet in Ion Orchard.  Since I was in the mood for pampering myself for the upcoming event, I decided to do some intensive research on it.

Consisting of collagen and human types nano ceramides, this unique and highly-raved product is actually produced by FujiFlim - yes, the same company specialising in flim technology.  For a clearer idea on why and how they began to research / venture into skincare, read their research report here.

So, this tiny pot of 40g skincare product costs SGD$148.00, which probably is what gives many people halt before hitting the "buy" button on Luxola or saying yes to the sales assistants at the stores. Anyway, the positive review about this breakthrough product and how it brings about glow, tautness and hydration to females from Asia all the way to UK, USA etc, convinced me that I should give it a try. After all, most Japanese skincare products should be good, right?

The precious red-and-gold tub arrived the next day, and I have been using it for five days now. I love the festive-looking appearance of the container, making me thinkof Christmas all the time. The gel itself is orange-red as well, a lovely glossy sheen laying placid in the jar, and I was almost reluctant to scoop any of it out. Well yes, the package comes with a tiny scoop for hygiene purpose as well.

immediately after massaging and patting the jelly onto face- no makeup yet - see, there is NO orange-red residue

This serum / essence certainly lives up to its name - looking calm and serene. Even after scooping someof the jelly out, it returns to its placid form after a while, which is amazing, as though the product always looks brand new.  The product quivers deliciously exactly like jelly - it is made in this form to prevent precipitation of the highly crystalline human type ceramides and enables mixing them in high concentration.

Anyway, this product is to be applied on fresh, clean skin after cleansing, before application of any other skincare products. It would aid in better absorption of the other skincare products to be applied on yoru face following the Aquarysta. Some reviewers claimed that the orange-red gel cannot be massaged into the face, that we have to gently pat it in, but I beg to defer. I managed to massage the gel into the skin with no issue, but for safe measure I patted it gently afterwards as well.

Other reviewers described the sensation of this jelly as "weird" but I think otherwise - it feels just like applying aloe vera gel onto the face - cooling sensation with a slightly sticky mattness. Well, worry not that the orange-red gel would leave your face with an odd shade of red - it does not. It appears a little oily immediately upon application but it does sink it to give it a velvety finish.

Makeup has been applied over the gel; this is taken at the end of a long day

Does makeup go on smoother? Yes it does. Does it plump the skin or make it appear firmer? Yes, I would say so, and colleagues have mentioned about a "radiance" to my skin. Does makeup come off easier as well? Yes it does. So far, it checks all the boxes of a good serum, and matches what most reviewers have claimed.

On top of that, skin is left feeling supple and hydrated (fresh, not greasy), with a subtle firmness that does not feel like skin is overly tightened.  I shall review again in a couple of months' time, to see if the effect continues, or does it vanish after prolonged use.

But for now, I am glad that it is my skin's new best friend.

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