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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Brunch at Lola's Cafe

5 Simon Road, Singapore 545893
Tel: 6284 0349

Finally, after three unsuccesful tries, I managed to have brunch at the ever-popular Lola's Cafe. With all the fuss and raves,  I was very much looking forward, and in the process got the beautiful *Lara excited as well. A very small cafe with millimetres of table space apart and an array of desserts on display at the counter, it was crowded as usual. Thank god for reservations - I like their reservations system actually - complete with followup SMS text notification and an automated call reminder on the day itself.

*Lara had the Crabbies Strawberry & Lime beer (SGD$9.50) while I had the Iced Chocolate (SGD$6.00) because the beer I wanted was unavailable. The Iced Chocolate was a good enough compensation for that - velvety, rich with chocolate flavor and creamy in texture.

Cappuccino (SGD$5.00) was pretty nice -  foamy at the top with a very slightly sourish-fruity note to it.

As for food, we began with their signature Honey Paprika Crispy Wings (SGD$10.00) - tasted yes, sweetness of the honeyed marination, but where was the crisp? Chicken was tender enough but there was no wow-factor at all.

Then Lara's brunch set came - Lola's Full Monty Breakfast (SGD$15.00) - comprising of Brioche bread, pork sausage, honey bacon, pork ham, scrambled eggs, and garden salad with Balsamic dressing. It was served on a rather .....unpresentable plate and the verdict was an average at best. The bread was just your normal loafed bread, and the sausage was thick & limber in texture.

I had the Avocado Eggs Benedict (SGD$15.00), served on the same kind of plate but with better arrangement, consisting of Brioche bread, avocado, poached eggs, pork ham, Hollandaise sauce and garden salad with Balsamic dressing.  I could probably make this for half the price - but having thought that, this also means that this brunch set has a very wholesome, homely touch to it.  The avocado was a little sad though - scrapes of avocado paste that contributed zilch to taste or texture.

Overall, I feel that this cafe has been overhyped and overrated. The food is average only, but I must say  I was pleased that the service improved from the last few times when I came and was told rudely to "come back another day or make reservations".

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