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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Afternoon Tea at Bosses Restaurant (黑社会) at Vivocity

1 Harbourfront Walk, #02-156 / 157 Vivocity, Singapore 098585
Tel: 6376 9740

Bosses Restaurant is an elegant, sophisticated Chinese restaurant with a good assortment of dimsum and other Chinese dishes. The restaurant itself is done up in a tasteful dark triad decor, with glossy tabletops and plush seats. If one is fortunate, they may get a table with gorgeous sea views overlooking Sentosa as well. Service was rather bruqsue though.

The complimentary dish was Fried Fish Skin, a very crispy and tasty starter that we could not get enough of.

We started with a pot of tea. We were here for afternoon tea, and everything on the Dimsum menu was at 30% off.

For food, we tried their recommended Mango Century Egg Glass Roll (SGD$6.00), a beautiful concoction respledent with flavors of the sandy-flavored century egg, soursweet overtures of mango and spiciness of ginger, all wrapped up in paper thin, satin smooth skin.

Then we had the Prawn Dumplings aka Har Gow (SGD$5.00) - juicy, bouncy luscious prawns wrapped in thin sheets and steamed to perfection.

The Chilli Crab Tarts (SGD$8.50) were remarkably good - crispy tarts filled with chunks of spicy and springy crabmeat. It was a combination of heaven literally, and the palate loves this burst of spiciness and the flakiness of the tarts.

One couldn't do without Xiao Long Baos (SGD$6.50) during a dimsum feast, so we had to have them too. Tender minced pork soaked in piping hot broth, all embraced in a sticky bun skin. This is always a delicacy, with or without dipping into the ginger-vinegar sauce provided on the side.

We also love the Custard Lava Buns (SDG$6.00), with soft and sweet buns filled with the most tasty salted egg yolk "lava" oozing out once bitten into. The rich, coarse "lava" paints the palate beautifully in its flavor and warmth.

Overall, we enjoyed our dining experience here at Bosses, and I have no qualms with returning to try the other dimsum items again, anytime. By the way,  if you come during the afternoons, you get to enjoy their Hightea Special Promotion at 30% off the dimsum items.

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