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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Afternoon at Hediard French Cafe @ Tudor Court

123 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247920
Tel: 6333 6683

Being a lover of anything French, I was glad to finally be able to try the food here, with a very dear friend *Pamelyn.  Hediard is also a boutique French grocery store, offering lots of gourmet necessities as well as other rare / exotic creations.  The cafe held an understated elegance in its simple red and brown tones, soothing to the eyes but sophisticated to the feel.

*Pamelyn started with an Iced Latte (SGD$8.24) - mellow, milky iced coffee that was acceptable but nothing fanciful or outstanding.

My drink was a pot of hot Jasmine tea, that came together with the Black Truffles High Tea Set (SGD$32.96) that I'd selected  I liked the simple teaware that came with the signature red "H".

For mains, *Pamelyn went for the Special Hediard (SGD$34.13) that included their signature Croq' Ferdinand - terrain of duck foie gras torchon, smoked salmon and a rocket salad with parmesan flakes. The croque (which is essentially a grilled ham cheese sandwich with bechamel sauce) was buttery smooth and tasty. The fig jam had a unique savoury-sweet flavor, a lovely complement to balance the richness of the overall items in this course.

My Black Truffles High Tea Set came with an assortment of 6 savoury and sweet items, all containing black truffles, as the name implies - Truffle Tarama Toast, Truffle Creamy French "Oeufs Brouilles", Truffle Artichoke Heart, Truffle torchon Foie Gras toast, Truffle Honey Pannacotta and Truffle White Chocolate Maracon.

The Tarama is a pink fish roe, olive oil and lemon juice appetizer, similar to pate in texture, except that it comes with the fishy sweetness of what it's made of. Buttery and rich, it goes very well with the tender truffle slice and crispy toast.

Artichoke Heart was a paste made of artichoke as the name goes, a lovely texture that makes one think of matcha ice-cream or wasabi, but tastes nothing like that, of course. It has the light, grassy fragrance of artichoke, paired beautifully with olives and cherry tomato for a burst of flavors.

The Truffle and White Chocolate Macaron was unique, but the flavor of white chocolate was very discernible while the truffle was not. The macaron was sweet, with a lovely crust and thick cream.

Then the Truffle Pannacotta - my first time having truffles in a sweet form. The creamy pannacotta had the texture of liquid silk, sliding easily along the tongue; the entire dessert is lovely, and the truffle while making its presence very prominent sitting atop the pannacotta - had not much impact against the saccharine flavor.

Last but not least, the Truffle Creamy French "Oeufs Brouilles" - scrambled eggs, actually. They were fluffy and creamy in flavor and texture, wonderfully enhanced by the unique, piquant flavor of black truffles.

Finally,  the Truffle Torchon Foie Gras Toast- melting in the mouth in a mush of deliciousness, along with crumbs of the crackling good toast.

Overall, we enjoyed our dainty portioned food items during this tea meeting, and the quality of the food. The portions were just right, and the setting was serene, sophisticated in an understated manner, making it perfect for an afternoon of catching up, people watching and enjoying a fine meal / tea.

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