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Monday, 12 January 2015

Review: KATE Eyeliner vs MAC Eyeliner

This entry features the battle between KATE (by Kanebo) Eyeliner versus MAC Eyeliner, both of which I am currently using now. I would include a brief description of both products, as well as the pros + cons of using them.

Let's get started with KATE, baby.

Kanebo is a Japanese skincare and cosmectics line, and KATE is one of its cosmetics arms, rising strongly in Asian markets.  I got this KATE deep liquid liner for merely SGD$24.00 for a 1.8ml size (standard size) in black. 

It comes in a no-fuss plastic-and-cardboard packaging and is currently available at most Wastons, Guardian etc pharmaceutical outlets. The clean-cut exterior consisting of a black cap and transparent / glass body made it rather sleek. The tip is sharp and fine as well.

For this demonstration, I would paint a thicker layer of KATE eyeliner. The liquid liner is smooth and cooling to the touch, and gives a nice even color on the lashline / lower lid.  However, note that drying time is longer than usual eyeliners, so try to fan it and not blink / widen eyes too much till it's dry.

When done, you get a nice satiny black line at the lashline and / or lower lid, enhancing the eyes.  The lovely thing about this darling is that it stays above the eyes and does not smudge, does not stain below the eyes for the entire day!

The problem is that it flakes rather easily. When *Charmaine mentioned to me that she faced this problem, I didn't believe it till I have tried it for myself. If you paint a thin line, the flaking is not that obvious, but part of it does "disappear" after a while. The only way to solve this would be to keep re-applying.

Hence, to sum up KATE deep liquid liner as follows:-
Pros - very affordable, easily available, easy to apply, does not leave shadows under the eyes, easy to remove

Cons - drying time is longer, and the eyeliner flakes

Now, let's move on to MAC LiquidLast Liner, which is only available at Mac stores or departmental stores with Mac stalls. It may be very much shorter and slimmer in size, but carries 2.5ML in its form. I got it in black as well, and it costs SGD$34.00.

This was recommended to me by *L, who claimed that she could wear it diving and it still lasts! The black box is simple in design, as is the no frills eyeliner itself - sleek, glossy black. This makes it really handy for on-the-go cosmetics cases.

The MAC liner is satiny in texture and glides on very easily, even though it is thicker than the KATE one. It dries reasonably fast.

This photo is taken at the end of a long day.

The lightweight liner really lasts for the entire day, even when I wore it to hot yoga or swam with it on. It does not smudge below the eyes as well, even if I sleep with it (yes, I did that for one weekend evening just to test it out).

Hence, to sum up MAC Liquidlast liner as follows:-
Pros - easy to bring out, affordable (compared to Dior and Chanel ones of the same capacity), staying power is strong, does not flake, does not smudge, easy to remove

Cons - not very easily accessible, and harder to remove (you need oil-based eye makeup remover)

To conclude, I like both eyeliners. I use KATE more on the days when I have time to apply black eyeshadow over the eyeliner, or on days like weekends when makeup is minimal. On normal days, I use MAC for quicker application.

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