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Monday, 8 December 2014

[Media Invite] Dinner at Shi Fu (食福) Korean BBQ Restaurant

1 Sophia Road #01-01 / 08 Peace Centre, Singapore 228149
Tel: 6338 9522

Shi Fu is a hip and trendy Korean BBQ buffet restaurant that has been opened for just about a month, with spacious interior and good spread of meats, vegetables and cooked items, at very affordable prices - SGD$22.00++ for dinner on weekdays and SGD$24.00++ for dinner on weekends and public holidays.

This was a Media Invite in which some of Hungrygowhere's representatives along with other reviewers (such as Sihan, etc) and myself were present.

Drinks were free flow, and one could choose from soft drinks, green tea or sugar cane etc juices. We all started with these, and I got a Sugar Cane juice.

The clean-cut and organized buffet counter was filled with lots of delectable ingredients and food items, such as the assortment of sauces , dips , salads and fruits here.

And then we spotted more salad, appetisers (banchan items basically) such as kimchi, radish slices etc.

And of course the wide variety of marinated meats, sausages and bacon etc, all sorted out neatly according to poultry type.

These golden fries and juicy-looking chicken wings caught my eyes amongst the whole array of food, perhaps because they were perched in one corner.

And this is the sleek, unconventionally-rectangular grill at the table we were seated at. Stove was turned on, now was time for testing the heat while some of us went to attack the buffet counters already.

So, we took plates of items for sharing - there were marinated beef, marinated pork, pork belly, seasoned chicken, bacon, sausages, pumpkin potato salad, kimchi, radish slices etc. Everything looked fresh and delicious but we had to have some decorum hence we stuck to these first. We also grilled the Mussels and Enoki Mushrooms, which turned out lovely as well.

Let the BBQ-ing and grilling begin! The meat were well-marinated that even without the dips, they tasted good on their own, and tenderness was definite. The seasoned beef and seasoned pork left deeper impression on us.

These Salted Egg Popcorn were a lovely appetiser as well - combination of sweet and savory overtures.

This dish tasted exactly like our Chinese-style Sweet and Sour Pork (kolo-meat), and we were surprised to find it amongst the variety of Korean food. It was succulent on the inside while the exterior held a tinge of crunchiness - brilliant!

I took a plate of cooked items for all to taste - the Kimchi Fried Rice was palatable but could  be a little more spicy; and some of us enjoyed the Glass Noodles rather much.

Last but not least, some fresh, juicy and sweet Water Melon slices and Apple Salad to digest and soothe the body after a hearty, sumptuous hot meal of grilled meat and savoury food items.

Overall, the trendy and comfortable ambience of Shi Fu Korean BBQ Restaurant coupled with the excellent service made the already-tasty food even more enjoyable. One might like to take note though, that as there were no ventillators, the BBQ smell stays trapped and linger on the clothes, hair etc; and also walk slowly as the smooth wooden floors were kind of slippery, especially for ladies on heels.

Thank you Shi Fu Korean BBQ Restaurant and Hungrygowhere for the opportunity to partake in this scrumptious BBQ feast!

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