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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Lunch at Tampopo Japanese Restaurant @ Takashimaya

391B Orchard Road #B2-33 Takashimaya, Singapore 238873
Tel: 6235 2318

It was a rainy day and people I was talking to were discussing about ramen, making me hungry with craving for ramen, hence decided to pop over to Takashimaya's Tampopo to satiate it. We started with a small platter of Salmon Sashimi (SGD$15.00) - quite fresh, bouncy and succulent. I love my salmon sashimi anytime, anywhere - as long as it is not limp or unfresh.

We tried the Kani Ramen (SGD$11.50) basically translated into Spicy Crab Ramen, which was not spicy at all. The thick, sticky broth was kind of bland, and the squiggly yellow ramen noodles were a little too soft for our liking. There was no lusciousness of crab flavor, but nonetheless, it filled the stomach and the amount of (faux?) crab meat + shimeiji mushroom was generous.

Time for my personal favorite - Black Pork Ramen (SGD$10.50 for small portion) was sumptuous as ever - with the thin slice of black pork sweet and succulent. The soup was awesome as well, rich but not too creamy. The noodles were springy / bouncy the way I enjoyed it.  If you order the huge portion, it comes with the flavored egg as well, enhancing the overall satisfaction level.

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