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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Lunch at Qi Ji @ Bugis Village

160 Rochor Road, Bugis Village, Singapore 188435
Tel: 6283 8572

I seldom write about local food, but I would like to recommend my favorite Nasi Lemak (fragrant Malaysian dish with fragrant rice and ingredients such as omelet, fried fish, chicken wings etc).  Having tried a few nasi lemak, I still believe Qi Ji is my favorite, and have since brought different people to eat it.

Their Nasi Lemak come in sets - one may choose between having chicken wings, fish fillet, ikan bilis etc, and is priced between SGD$4-$5.50 a set. For the portion and ingredients, it is very much value for money. The fragrant green rice (cooked with pandan and coconut) is tasty and the flavor is good; the ingredients taste good albeit their sinful nature as well.  The chilli is good - there is enough punch but not too spicy.

Besides that, their Popiah (spring roll) is fabulous well, especially the ones with shrimps. There is a little hint of spiciness amongst the generous portion of chopped shrimps, egg and turnip. The Mee Siam (Malay spicy vermicelli) is delicious as well, filled with the right bursts of spicy and sour overtures.

That day, we also took the liberty of trying their Chinese breakfast items, such as Yam Cake and Soon Kueh (rice skin filled with turnip) but these two were not as impressive, sadly.

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