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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Dinner at Rakuichi Japanese Restaurant @ Dempsey Hill

10 Dempsey Road #01-22 Dempsey Hill, Singapore 247700
Tel: 6474 2143

I was hanging out at Dempsey area that day, and in the mood for some Japanese fare, hence Rakuichi Japanese Restaurant came into my mind.

A beautiful Japanese restaurant decorated in rich modernistic meets authentic Japanese design, this restaurant nestles behind some thick canopy, hence giving it a very "in nature" feel; and we were seated alfresco since inside was full.

*Celine and I had Nambanzuke (SGD$3.60) starters of vegetables (brocooli, corn, tomato etc) in an appetite-whetting sweet and sour sauce.  It was a refreshing start to the meal and made us anticipate more.

Next, the Rakuichi Bento (SGD$48.60) consisting of an assortment of Sashimi, an array of different types of Sushi, some Tempura items, skewered pork and skewered beef (Yakitori) and some sides of corn, edamane and sauteed mini shrimps. The sashimi was rather fresh and the sushi was lovely - we enjoyed the variety. The tempuras were crispy and the Yakitori pork was so succulent and delicious.

Following the above, we also shared the Kaki Totenabe (SGD$16.00) - oysters cooked in miso soup - with tofu and vegetables. This was a really delicious dish with piping hot broth that was sumptuous, and the oysters were fresh and chewy - perfect for a rainy night as such.

Lastly, the Aburi Salmon Ebi Avocado sushi roll (SGD$12.00) - combination of my favorite things such as salmon roe, shrimp and avocado. The pearl rice was fresh and of the right texture, and the seafood items were palatable. We were very full by the time this was served, but we strived to finish it because it was simply too tasty.

The sleek interior consisted of individual dining rooms which we would like to come back to dine in one day. The staff here were friendly and attentive as well, constantly coming over to refill our hot green tea and clear away used plates.

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