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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Uyii - Studio Openhouse and Sharing Session

A short introduction - Uyii is actually a local bags maker! Yes, everything is designed and manufactured in Singapore itself, and they use all sorts of fabrics imaginable. Right now they sell via online and consignment basis.

The Open Studio cum Sharing Session was held on 14th November 2014 (Friday) from 6.30pm onwards.
Location: 24 Sin Ming Lane #08-108 Midview City, Singapore 573970.
Website: http://uyii.com.sg
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uyiibags

Besides making bags for sale, or customised bags for corporate clients (yes, they are experimential and gifted enough to take on almost every project that comes they way) - they also conduct Sewing Classes! How cool is that.

Anyway, this is but a very small collection of their bags - they have everything from backpacks to totes to cosmetic pouches etc.

We were brought on a tour of their office / workshop / "factory" when we entered the artistic's heaven. Look at the array of fabrics!

Some interesting gift items and stuffed animals (extinct or endangered animals).

This is where the designers and bag makers manufacture the bags, and where the sewing classes are being conducted as well. I never knew that there were so much differences between sewing machines (i.e. industrial ones and non-industrial ones).

This machine serves an important purpose, and makes a sound like F1 racing car, we were told.

The overall tour was interesting, and they explained to us how the fabrics and materials came about, the origin of Uyii and some of the projects they have undertaken. Then there were refreshments of drinks, Sarpino's pizzas and these really delicious durian / pandan cakes.

At 7.00pm we proceeded into the office area for the talks / sharing sessions by 5 of the members of Uyii -
(i) Liping on "Why I am not an Artist"
(ii) Nur Syahidah on "Japan vs China" - her interesting takeaway from their factory visits to these countries
(iii) Pei Zhi on "Knowledge Acquisition"
(iv) Melvin Tan on "Top 7 Advice for SMEs"
(v) Benny Ng on "Thoughts on Materials, Techniques and Manufacturing" and the growth his company Uyii, which has been around for 4 years.

Yes, this is Benny the boss himself, in a partnership business with his equally talented wife Liping.

Kudos to Uyii for bringing arts alive in Singapore and as a career rather than merely a dream / passion. It is not easy work to manufacture and create from scratch - which is why many people simply outsource to cheap factories overseas. These guys have taken a step forward to DIY and make their own, thus producing quality Made in Singapore bags.

Do visit another of their upcoming sales event in December, at Vivocity Atrium.

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