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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Lunch at Straits Kitchen @ Grand Hyatt

10 Scotts Road, Lobby Level, The Grand Hyatt Hotel, Singapore 228211
Tel:  6738 1234

Having been to Grand Hyatt's hightea at 10 Scotts some months back, I was rather thrilled to be back at Grand Hyatt for lunch this time round. But first, do pop by my hightea visit here.

Anyway, the exterior was glossy and modernistic as expected, exuding class and style. The inner elegance of the dimly-lit restaurant with its comfortable seats were plain raw beautiful. I was escorted to my seat while waiting for my esteemed dining companion to arrive. Interestingly, in such a setting, they were playing Chinese songs literally.

Lunch started, and we began browsing the variety of local / Chinese cuisine on display, in this posh marketplace setting.  There was quite a huge spread of food - starting from the Nasi Lemak stall with tantalizing ingredients.

Next, there was the Satay stall - complete with beef, mutton and chicken and the full range of rice cakes, raw onions, peanut gravy etc.

The next stall was an assortment of local delights - fried carrot cake, fried kuey teow with seafood etc. I knew I was eyeing this stall to fulfill some cravings later.

There was a station serving colorful fruit juices and barley, bandung etc drinks, to fruits like water-melon, dragonfruit et al.

Then a stall serving more local delights such as Indian's Gado-Gado, Indian Rojak etc. There was another Indian stall I did not manage to take photos of - serving a variety of different curries, so tempting.

Finally, Chinese desserts for the taking - all kinds of Chinese cakes (kuehs) and muah chee, herbal jelly, longan desserts etc.

We had some Popiah (Chinese spring rolls with turnips, chopped peanuts etc within) - large rolls of ingredients filled spring rolls. The taste was pretty all right - not too salty, a little on the bland side.

I took a little of Char Kuey Teow and Fried Carrot Cake alongside with some vegetables. The fried pasta both tasted rather good too, and were not oily.

The Satay (meat on sticks) was pretty all right - chargrilled meat that was rather tender, though lacking in the smokey fragrance of traditional satay - and they were careful not to burn the sides (usually I prefer to have a little burned edges).

Next, the Prawn Noodles that was light in flavor and flaccid in texture. There were rather big shrimps at the bottom of the soup though, and that (when shelled) enhanced the overall flavor dramatically.

Finally, desserts. I tried the Muah Chee (glutinuous rice cubes eaten with thick coat of ground peanut and sugar). And some light green (pandan?) roll with coconut flakes within. I also took a bowl of longan syrup and tossed in some herbal jelly. I enjoyed the desserts - not too sweet, but refreshing.

Last but not least, a hot cup of English Breakfast tea to end off a fulfilling meal, and to continue the catching up with my esteemed dining companion. We spent about SGD$60++ per person.

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