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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Lunch at My Awesome Cafe 真棒堂

202 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068639
Tel: 8428 0102

The first time I passed  by My Awesome Cafe, I did not know it was an eatery at all - am sure many of you share this sentiment.

Designed a la a vintage Chinese medical hall literally, this place gave me the chills at first. I don't know why - but I did some reading up on it (including reviews), and realized it was a pretty cool place.

Furnished with school desks, workbenches and other interesting ornaments strewn around the cafe, this place had a class of its own literally. Plus the dim interior with its red lighting, one tends to feel they've been tossed back in time literally, if it a morbid sense.

There is a flight of stairs - I am not sure if it leads to more seats upstairs. Anyway, the founders and staff are all very friendly, welcoming and efficient.

I already knew what I wanted roughly, but still browsed the menu to see if I might change my mind. The items were mainly all-day breakfast sets or salads.

This caught my eyes-  interesting and conforming to the ambience! The redness of the image is natural and un-edited, cast by the red lighting (I'm showing you here).

My Awesome Salad (SGD$15.00) came - complete with greens, smoked salmon, herb chicken brease, duck rillettes, avocado and tomato; and a slice of bread spread with avocado paste. I added Brie Cheese for SGD$4.00.

Well, how shall I describe the salad other than "awesome"? The smoked salmon was springy and not overly salted; the herbs chicken breast were very finely sliced and tender, and the vegetables were fresh. Half an avocado was simply delightful, because I love avocadoes. The duck rillette was very tasty too- somehow it tasted like minced luncheon meat in my opinion. I love luncheon meat, so the rillette definitely won me over as well.

For drinks, I had the Chocolate with Mixed Berries and Milk Iced Protein Shake (SGD$10.00) - whoa, pricey for an non-alcoholic drink! The drink was thick and creamy, a lovely blend of chocolate and berries. There were real berries found within the delicious concoction as well.

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