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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Lunch at Loysels Toys Cafe (revisit)

66 Kampong Bugis #01-02 Sam Tat Building, Singapore 338987
Tel: 6292 2306

I seem to keep frequenting Loysels' Toys Cafe lately...  ever since my first review here.

This quaint, quiet little cafe sits silently by the river, bringing to its patrons river breezes and lip-smacking good food and coffee - and the best thing is now it opens daily (even Mondays as well).

The dim lighting is offset by the bright sun rays coming in through the generous glass windows, and by lunchtime this lovely little dinery is filled up with people indoors and outdoors. I still like its rustic, hipster vibes and friendly service.

Here is a peek at the recent menu (did they revamp? )

I always check out the available pastries for the day without fail - hmmm .. I wanted everything but I knew I could only choose one. It was a tough choice between Lemon Tart and Strawberry Rhubarb Teacake. And the croissants and Blueberry Cheesecake!

Anyway, the famous Lemon Tart (SGD$5.00) won hands down, with fluffy yet solid crust, sweet buttery taste on its own, and the zesty lemon custard was lovely with the right notes of sweet and sour blended into one. I loved the light sugar dusting atop the citrusy delicacy as well.

The other memorable dessert would be the Rhubard Tea Cake (SGD$3.30) - that shade of pink always entices me, what more, it was a teacake, something I have been meaning to have. Fluffy but not overly soft, the cake exudes a delicious berry flavor to it, overall taste enhanced by the crispy crumbs sitting atop the cake prettily like a crown.

*Sidney had the Beefy Burger (SGD$16.00) - rib eye steaks with tomato, Arugula (rocket salad) and Hollandaise. He was disappointed with the bun - the toasted ones with sesame seeds would have fared better. The beef patty whilst containing a nice smokey hint to its flavor, was a little dry and bland.

I had the Caesar Salad with Prawns (SGD$10.00) - comprising of fresh Romaine lettuce, croutons, poached eggs, cheese powder and succulent, bouncy prawns. I guess not many people could get a Caesar Salad wrong - hence I did enjoy the freshly tossed salad here, especially paired with my favorite seafood (prawns) to add a seaworthy sweetness to the flavor.

I had the usual Soy Mocha (SGD$6.00) for my beverage - sweet, chocolatey with the delicious hints of soy .I enjoyed it as usual.

*Sidney wanted to try the same drink, but being the usual Latte drinker, had order a Soy Latte (SGD$5.50) by mistake. Good experiementation, but ... oh well, let's just say that soy doesn't go that well with a milky coffee.

Anyway, here is a photo taken during another visits - in which indulgence in their lovely, flakey croissants and soy Mochas was captured. I had the Almond Croissant, and it was huge and tasty!

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