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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Lunch at Eat @ Taipei Restaurant (吃在台北)

133 North Bridge Road #01-43 / 44 Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413
Tel: 6702 0078

Lunch settled simply at Eat @ Taipei today - the branch at Chinatown Point. I have been to this Taiwanese restaurant at least thrice before - its exterior flanked by colorful neon-lit tiles announcing its presence boldly.

The interior is dimly lit but spacious, and the service staff strive to provide amicable service. The food here is not fantastic overall, though there are a couple of items worth a shot or two.

Anyway, after browsing the rather extensive menu, the colleagues and I placed our orders.

I had the Herbal (Dang Gui) Duck Soup Vermicelli (SGD$10.50), more commonly known as "mee sua". The soup looked thick but the taste of the "dang gui" herb was rather weak, or maybe I am used to having the homecooked one thicker / richer in flavor. The duck was rather tender, but disappointingly the "mee sua" literally "bee hoon", coarse and thick.

Next, the Coffin Toast (SGD$10.50) with seafood soup - prawns, squids, etc. I'd say that the ingredients were rather generous, and the toast was rather crispy. The creamy soup was light in taste - lacking in the sweetness of the seafood it encompasses, but delightful enough.

Then the Oysters & Pig's Intestines Vermicelli (SGD$9.90) - the innards were quite tender, and the oysters retained their chewy texture; the soup made tasteful by the stronger hints of spring onion. But likewise, the colleague's main complaint was that the "mee sua" was literally "bee hoon" noodle. The texture made a huge difference to the entire noodle soup dish.

Another mains, the Pig's Trotter Vermicelli (SGD$10.50) - that used "bee hoon" rice noodles to replace "mee sua". The soup was all right for this dish, and the trotters rather succulent, to this dish's credit.

We shared a Crispy Fried Chicken Chop (SGD$8.90) - that was not crispy or tender at all. Texture and flavor was rather lackluster - to be frank, a piece of $4.90 fried chicken chop from those local Shilin stalls at shopping mall basements taste better.

As for drinks, I had the Iced Yuzu Green Tea (SGD$4.50)  - nice, with real yuzu pieces in the refreshing cold green tea, adding hints of citrusy zestiness to it.

The Azuki with Milk Iced Blended (SGD$5.50) was said to lack the aroma or flavor of red bean totally, tasting more of milk and ice only.

Finally, the Strawberry Yoghurt Iced Blended (SGD$5.50) with a sweet and light yoghurt flavor, resplendant of slight strawberry flavor - rather refreshing overall, still.

Overall, Eat @ Taipei's dishes are nothing like what one gets to eat in Taiwan, of course, but it is one of the less crowded eateries during lunchtime on weekdays. Prices are reasonable and variety is aplenty - so come for these reasons.

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