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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Dinner at Forlino's Italian Restaurant @ One Fullerton (again)

One Fullerton Road #02-06 One Fullerton, Singapore 049213
Tel: 6690 7564
Website: http://forlino.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ForlinoSG

I visited Forlino's about a year ago - read about the experience here.

A classy Italian restaurant with everything to offer from panoramic views of the gorgeous Marina Bay area, excellent service and awesome food, hence for me it was a revisit. And what better place than to bring the sister-in-law for pre-birthday celebration?

A table was reserved for us, by the ceiling-to-floor windows as promised, so that we could watch teh night slowly falling into beautiful forms.

We started the meal with a glass of Spumante Rose Wine each (SGD16.00), a light, sweet wine in a very pretty hue. If it wasn't a weekday I would've gladly ordered a bottle of this to slowly indulge throughout the meal.

They served the Focaccia Bread with Parmesan Cheese Flakes after we placed our orders, complimentary starters on the house (or maybe already factored into the cost of the food).

Strange how I'd come to describe this bread as being "soft" during my last visit - for certainly the skin was so hard we had immense difficulty slicing through it. Don't get me wrong, the bread was delicious, but the skin was stubbornly intact was all.

The Parmesan Cheese Flakes were lovely as ever - sliced so finely, melting in the mouth willingly, and as soft as a teaser even when paired with the bread.

Our shared appetizer of Fegato Grasso (SGD$36.00)  was served next - a dish consisting of hot and cold foie gras interestingly paired with pear compote, sambuca raisin, balsamic cream and homemade pannetone.

The cold foie gras was rich in a buttery manner, and the flavor of game / innard was very strong when prepared this way, it resembled pate to say the least, with a rather distrinctive "raw" overture to it. I had to pair it with the crispy little pastry beneath it, alongside the tiny fruits used as decor, in order to mask the strong odor. Maybe we were just not used to it.

Both of us agreed that the hot foie gras was a lot better - tender, even in its slightly jellyish state, and tasty with smokey hints that complemented the natural flavor of this dish.

For the mains, the SIL took, at my recommendation, the Tortellini ai Cinque Formaggi (SGD$36.00) - 5 cheese tortellini with saffron cream sauce, kurobuta pork cheek, beetroot ouree and summer truffle. As usual, this sandy-textured pasta never failed to disappoint - smooth and rich in flavor. The pieces of tender black pork cheek enhanced the saltish flavor of the tiny little dumpling-shaped tortellini.

I had the Merluzzo (SGD$42.00) - pan fried fillet of cod fish wrapped in parma proscuitto, baby cuttlefish in black ink, white polenta and zucchini flower. The cod was cod and springy in its juiciness; I thought the fine layer of prosciutto around it was rather interesting pairing with its texture and flavors play. The baby squids were a surprise - chewy but soft, and resplendent of the smoky black ink's taste.

Our shared dessert of Warm Chocolate Fondant (SGD$15.00) was brought to the table next. neatly arranged on the plate alongside a snowy scoop of vanilla ice-cream and some berries.

Once pierced, the hot chocolate lava gushed out of the chocolatey pastry, making us nod our approval immediately. The chocolate ganache was melted in a sticky fashion, tasting exceedingly good in its richness. The chocolate cake itself was warm and deliciously soft.

Overall, this was a splendid meal with lovely ambience and lovelier food. By now, nightfall has slowly enveloped the restaurant and we were bathed in the gorgeous night views around us, bidding us to take a stroll after our very satisfying dinner.

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