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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Dessert at TIramisu Hero Cafe (revisit)

121 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207548
Tel: 6292 5271

Having been to The Tiramisu Hero for brunch once, I decided to give it another go today, since *Charmaine picked it anyway (out of all the cafes here in Lavender area). Read my previous review here. It was still every bit as pretty, and there are still these adorable accessories for sale.

It was not crowded this Sunday afternoon - perhaps because of the rain? We were shown to a table and immediately began looking through the menu.

While waiting for our orders, we decided to snap some photos of the adorable cafe and Sir Antonio.

We were very full from our lunch, but girls being girls - merely ordering just a pot of hot tea just wasn't enough (initially that was our agreement - just a tea or coffee). *Charmaine had the Tiramisu (SGD$7.50) in a jar, original flavor. She commented that it tasted merely like "chocolate and cream" at first bite, but then commented that the flavor grew on her as she continued to progress through her dessert.

I decided to go for the Tiramisu (SGD$7.50) in a jar - the strawberry flavor. As usual, there was no detected coffee aroma, just sweet cream and strawberries (I felt like I was eating S&C literally), though the texture was light and fluffy, lovely in its own right. I just wouldnt consider this a tiramisu place.

Both of us had a pot of Earl Grey tea each (SGD$6.50) - usually I loathe the ash taste, but there was no such flavor in today's tea. Then we realised it was Lipton... hence. I shall let that remark speak for itself hmmm. Anyway, the pretty teapots and teacups were commendable.

They also have these amazing pre-mix Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows (SGD$4.80) goodies for takeaways - all one needs to do is to add hot water or milk to enjoy a delicious cup of hot chocolate. *Charmaine bought a couple to try - I shall ask for her review soon.

Finally, we decided to take a couple of funny photos with Sir Antonio's head. Well, not the kind of thing I usually do, but nothing to lose, haha. The Tiramisu Hero is still a pretty terrific place to chill out at, with affable service.

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