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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Chilling out at The Wallich @ Anson House

72 Anson Road, Level One, Anson House, Singapore 079911
Tel: 6438 3151

Another night after work, another evening of hunting for a stress killer but tonight was more of a catching up session between us and a colleague from another department before he jets off for vacation.

The lady colleague suggested Wallich, just around the corner, and we acceded since it was already 8plus in the evening on a weekday night. Ever since Wallich's opened, I have not had a chance of visiting it anyway. Good location it was - one couldn't miss this pub facing the roadside, an open invite to passerbys looking to unwind.

Known to reminisce an older Singapore, complete with delicious bar grub and wide variety of drinks, I did not see anything that was "Singapore-like" in any manner. It was dim on the inside, with a long counter exhibiting the many bottles offered by Wallich, well-spaced tables and cosy relaxing ambience.

We chose to sit outdoors tonight for obvious reasons - and had the fortune of snagging one of the two barrel tables.  The service crew was warm and hospitable at all times - a lovely welcome for the corporate types after a long day of battling figures, pushing paper and meetings.

I had a Mojito (SGD14.00) - my signature drink these days. The mint was a little on the light side, but the drink was soothingly-concocted. It was also served in a pretty presentation.

The male colleague who was jetting off had a Virgin Mojito (SGD$10.00) - looking exactly like my drink minus the dash of rum.

The lady colleague had a Kilkenny (SGD$11.00) - refreshing and smooth choice for a warm night out.

I like this place; and will be back to have more drinks and try their food dishes as well.

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