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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Tea Time at Antoinette @ Mandarin Gallery (revisit)

333A Orchard Road #02-33 Mandarin Gallery, Singapore 238897
Tel: 6836 9527

As mentioned, Antoinette's has remained one of my favorite restaurants cum tea rooms at all times, for their pretty desserts, queenly interior decor and delicious savoury food items as well.  Hence, we are back for another evening of lovely pastries.

But first,do check out my previous review here.

Anyway, so we had different cakes and desserts for sharing, starting with the Strawberry Coolie with Vanilla Mousse (around SGD$9.00). It had a lovely texture on the outside, like a crusty chiffon kind of combination. The sweet-sour flavor of the fruits blended right in, bringing the pastry to a new height -it  tasted as good as it looks.

Next, the famous Strawberry Shortcake (around SGD$9.00) - velvety smooth and cotton soft, with the most aromatic strawberry flavor in its cream-dream layers. There were also real fruits tucked between the layers, making this cake an enjoyment in texture and flavor.

Then we had the Chocolate Macaroons and Opera Cake (around SGD$9.00) - a lovely blend of bites amongst softness. It reminded me of praline truffles, or meringue bits amongst the not-so-soft cake. The chocolate was rich, but not to the extent of toothache-inducing. Overall, this was a lovely selection.

Finally, the Le Royale cake (SGD$8.00) - layers of dark chocolate mousse, crunchy hazelnut feutille and almond meringue - on a pulp soft sponge cake. This was a chocolate heaven from first bite till the last- the overt sweetness of the chocolate balanced with the other abovenamed ingredients, making it absolutely another favorite of ours.

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