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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Review: DHC Acerola Gel

This product caught my eye because a tiny tube of 40g gel claimed to contain 1700mg of Vitamin C, and it it sounded like a delicious treat for the skin. Hence I bought it without hesitation, and have been using it for two years now.

DHC's Acerola Gel is a refreshing, fragrance-free, colorless gel that when applied onto the skin, gives a soothing coolness, and gets absorbed into the skin very easily. As gel goes, it is not greasy at all, so suitable for combination or oily skin types to use. The skin stays rejuvenated throughout the day, and uplifted as well. It gives improvement to the apperance of skin, as well as moisturizes it so it looks radiant and supple even with makeup piled on.

Not to forget - one keeps thinking about the richness of natural Vitamin C nourishing the skin, so it puts one in a happy mood to know that the skin is in good hands too.

But I don't know - I realize that if I don't apply any makeup at all, the gel tends to make my face appear shiny (does not feel oily to the touch, but there is a sheen to the skin). So I usually this as part of skincare regime before bed or before makeup.

The tube form makes for hygienic and easy application, as well as compact enough to bring out. I also use the Vitamin-rich gel for other areas of my body, such as arms or legs at times. One tube of 40g gel costs SGD$53.00 and is easily available in most pharmacies.

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