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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Mookata at Tom Yum Kungfu (Mookata) at Boat Quay

16 Circular Road, Singapore 049372
Tel: 6536 1646

I was meeting *Celine for dinner tonight, so since she craved for steamboat and I have been wanting to try Thai steamboat (aka Mookata), we decided to dine at Tom Yum Kungfu at Boat Quay area.

It was a very casual and nondescript casual restaurant done up to resemble the ones in Thailand itself, apparently. Thai music was blasting and the wait staff were scurrying about while diners happily enjoyed their meals.

We started with Thai Iced Milk Tea (SGD$2.30) which was refreshing on this very hot evening, made even more so with the steaming pots all around.

We ordered the Steamboat Set (SGD$39.90) to share - the one for 2-3 persons. These are the vegetables - consisting of golden mushrooms, vermicelli (dong fen), fried beancurd skin (tau ghee) and an assortment of greens.

Here comes the meat platter - consisting of pork lard cubes, beef, fishcakes, shrimps, scallops and pork. The meat were well-marinated.

And this is one of their signature items - the Deep Fried Kangkong (SGD$13.00) that came with some deep fried shrimps.  The vegetables were probably coated with flour, and yes they were crispy. Though, tasteless - there was where the spicy-sour dip served separately came into play. While I enjoyed this, I still prefer the usual stir-fried sambal kangkong...

The pot was placed here, where the soup began to boil.

It worked like Korean / Japanese BBQ concept - where the top part was used as a grill to cook meat, and the soup swirl around the dome like a moat, for us to place ingredients in as well.

I love my meat grilled crispy, even slightly charred - what say you? lol. It was certainly tasty. The soup was very salty, but made my shrimps, golden mushrooms and veggies taste good. I also must commend on the fried tofu skin - despite having been oversoaked in the soup for too long a period , it was still crunchy upon consumption.

All in all, it was an interesting dining experience, not unlike a normal steamboat dinner. The sweltering heat probably reduced enjoyment a little, but I wouldn't mind coming back to try the tomyum version of Mookata.

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