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Friday, 17 October 2014

Poetry: Madame Butterfly

Sun, the sun was overhead and burning hot,
The barriers were all melting under the heat;
Fast lanes, heart racing as the adrenalin rushed
To the point where hearts interwined.
Where mistakes, melancholy and misgivings
Are all cast aside, under the same glowing sun.

The garden was radiant, with bright flowers,
Wishing wells made up of four-leaved clovers;
Dreams high as towers permeated through dreams,
Infiltrating the most intimate of slumber's seams;
Never waking from the moment
The eyes first laid upon the creation so perfect.

I felt alive, more alive than I ever thought possible,
Perfunctory of thoughts that danced, like shadows,
Inflitrating my thoughts even in broad daylight,
Are so fleeting, fantasia, fantastic in their falseries;
And my love for you is pilgrimaged,
Marked by worlds we can never cross over.

Photosource: http://www.thesupercars.org/others/2009-bertone-mantide/

Yet I want to make love to you, to take you with me,
Into the lures of flesh, and souls, and minds,
Where the echoes of our moans cause
Angels to frown in utmost jealous envies;
Where the touches alone burn,
Like wax melting off candle's smooth skins.

But alas, we are from worlds so different,
Like the stars falling in love with Belladonnas,
Professing their feelings across acresof skies,
So vast, differences so wide, spaces so stark;
One rooted to the grounds, one to the skies,
And my wings are clipped like them, like butterflies.

And you slowly leave me, I watch your back receding,
I hear the roar over the throbbing of my wants;
I see your shadow diminishing in their sheerness,
And my tears appeared enlarged in your headlights,
Even as you slowly purr your way out of my home,
Racing your way out of my very humane touch...

copyright © ArcticStar 2014. All Rights Reserved

p.s.  you didn't get it wrong if you read that the author is writing about an inanimate object. In the U.S. there have been several cases of people falling in love (and even marrying) elevators, Ferris Wheels etc. In fact, dating back to the times of Greek mythologies, Pygmalion the sculptor was already falling in love with a statue..... *wink*

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