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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Lunch at L'etoile Cafe @ Owen Road

160 Owen Road, Singapore 218953
Tel: 6298 2872
Website: http://letoile.com.sg
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/letoilesg

This is another cafe which I have heard of for years, since a cabin crew friend introduced it... but somehow I never got to visit till recently, with a buddy *Kirk.

L'etoile Cafe is a French cafe all right, and set in style amongst a row of shophouses, complete with ceiling fans, an alfresco seating area and French doors / windows. I love all things French, so I would say this was right up my alley.

An eclectic mix of modern and vintage pieces, this cafe is decorated in a most pretty fashion boosting of looks, comfort and books all the way.  They serve good food, desserts and the best part is the French music playing!

There are also trinkets and some ornaments / accessories for sale, as well as an upstairs area that we did not get to explore.

I was earlier than *Kirk, so some sneak peeks while waiting for him, lol the desserts counter boosting of interesting artisanal pastries that were beckoning out to my tastebuds.

But first things first, I had a cup of Cuppucino (SGD$4.50) to kickstart the lunch cum catching up session. I am rather proud to announce that for this coffee, I could literally taste the fruity (prunes?) and slight hints of flowery notes in it... but its a .. feel, lol. As usual, I would prefer my cuppucino with cocoa sprinkles atop.

*Kirk finally reached and he chose the Iced Mocha (SGD6.20) as his beverage of the afternoon. He mentioned that it was nice even though we did not see any chocolate sauce at all.

For food, we started with desserts! Finally I discovered that I have a friend who accommodates my odd eating habit lol.

This was the Mud-Oozzzz aka Chocolate Lava Cake (SGD$8.90) - rich, delicious and chocolatey, topped with a large scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Okay, to be fair we loved the flavor of the chocolate pastry aplenty because it was really good and the chocolate flavor was distinctive, however there were two things to note. Firstly, the cake being served in a cup like this, one couldnt really tell if there was "lava" oozing out from the cake or was it a ganache all the way; secondly the scoop of ice cream is too huge it obliterated the taste of the lava cake upon melting.

*Kirk selected the Seasalt Caramel Chocolate Chiffon cake (SGD$6.80) - a soft, fluffy slice of delicacy encompassing the darker flavor of chocolate with the lighter tones of seasalt, a very subtle combination of savoury-sweet clashes. It was delicious in texture and taste.

For mains, I had the Sirloin Steak (SGD$26.90). I wanted medium rare but it felt more like medium to me. Nonetheless, the red wine sauce was good - tangy hints but nothing too strong, and against the rather tender steak's chewiness, I'd say it was a good complement. The fries were crispy and salad fresh. My craving for red meat was satiated in a lovely manner.

*Kirk settled for Fish & Chips (SGD$18.90) for his mains. The fish filet was crispy on the inside and soft on the inside, like how good fish and chips should be. One could taste the fish within the flour and battered flesh, and the fries were crispy. It was a hearty dish to be reckoned with.

All in all, we enjoyed the dining experience at the discreetly-hidden L'etoile Cafe - everything from the ambience to food.

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