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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Fish Spa Foot Reflexology @ Kenko Wellness

133 New Bridge Road #B2-06 Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413
Tel: 6636 0303

Foot reflexology has become a basic necessity over the years, especially since the days of financial sales days - standing at trade shows a few days a week, full long days! I always trust Kenko Wellness to do a good job, despite the fact that there are many TCM or unheard of shops providing the same services at probably half the price.

Today, however, I try something different - fish spa therapy. I have tried it before - using fish for natural exfoliation treatment for the feet, but ever since my pedicurists have taken over the job, I have not returned for fish spa for years (barring all the news and rumors about infection etc).

Anyway, Kenko Wellness staff are polite,  and ensure a good level of hygiene (I believe). The well-maintained facilities speak for themselves. We were given a calf and feet wash before entering the fish tanks. If we had fresh wounds or scars, there were waterproof plasters pasted over these areas to protect our feet.

There were three different fish tanks - the one on the left containing the smallest fish and the one on the right containing the largest fish. We started with the middle since there were people at the first tank.

Dipping our feet into the lukewarm water, the hungry and active fish began swimming over and attacking the soles and sides of our feet. The sensation was a little ticklish but not uncomfortable, and we were served hot Chinese tea by the staff.

While the fish were busy feasting and massaging our feet with their tiny mouths, we relaxed, and await glowing, smoother skin and better blood circulation through this course of natural treatment.

Then the staff suggested that we try the tank on the right, and I did. The fish here were significantly larger, and hence when they attacked, the sensation was notably much more ticklish. At first I squirmed a little, but once I got used to it and learned to keep still, the sensation was rather... hmmm how should I describe it? Pleasurable, to put it subtly?

Anyway, we did emerge with well-exfoliated feet that appeared and felt silkier. Another round of washing up (of the calves and feet) and we were out of here. At $30.00 for 30 minutes session, I felt it was well worth the money spent.

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