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Friday, 24 October 2014

Dinner at Two Bakers Cafe

88 Horne Road, Singapore 209083
Tel: 6293 0329

I thought I had pretty much exhausted most of the cafes along Lavendar area, then I heard about Two Bakers Cafe opening. Hence, that was the decided dinner venue for The Beau and I this evening.

Yes, it is so new that it is days' old.  As cafes go, they are not very huge, and the usual setting applies - all rectangular wooden tables, metal chairs and a long pastry / coffee counter . Nonetheless, the ambience was warm and welcoming amidst the chillax vibes.

It was cute to note that the newly-opened cafe was already up donned up for the upcoming Halloween - with cute pumpkins all over the place in all forms - plastic knickknacks, wall decorations and on tabletops. The service was definitely hospitable and amicable.

I was attracted to the pastries counter, as always, and quickly chopped one of the desserts (to be served after our mains) since there was only one piece left.  It was hard to decide on what to select since all the desserts looked unique and delectable.

Drinks came first - I started with a Cornish Orchards Pear Cider (SGD$10.50) - simply because I felt like drinking, and I have never tried pear cider before. Well, there wasn't any hint of pear taste , just a sweet alcoholic fizz I suppose, but refreshing enough.

The Beau had an Iced Mocha (SGD$6.50) - rather potent and bitterish in taste, and chocolate flavor was resplendent. He didn't really like it, but I really enjoyed the bittersweet taste.

For mains, we shared the Bow Tie Napolitan (SGD$13.80), add Grilled Chicken (SGD$2.00) - well, the bow-tie pasta was adorable. The seemingly rich tomato sauce was surprisingly just right in flavor without being too strong or sour - redolent of tomato's flavor, but with just the right note. The mushrooms and rocket leaves were lovely additions, as well as the succulent grilled chicken slices.

I had the Quesadilla (SGD$9.00) for my mains, adding Bacon (SGD$1.50) - a lovely sandy-textured crust enclaving spicy sauce, chilli pepper and melted cheese within -and my added bacon to add on to the flavorful fillings.

We also had the Luncheon Meat Fries (SGD$7.80) added on as an afterthought (no thanks to my inane craving) - slim, crispy strips of deepfried luncheon meat. This was nice because it was not too salty, unlike those we had at other cafes.

For desserts, we shared the Key Lime Tart (SGD$6.80) - lovely crunchy crust with light lime-sour center, topped with cream and a slice of fresh lime for form. While the texture and flavor were lovely enough, I still prefer the more zesty flavor of the Key Lime Tart from Lime @ Parkroyal. The Key Lime Tart at Two Bakers could do with more punch, a stronger dose of sour-ness.

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