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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Dinner at Chic-A-Boo at HillV2

4 Hillview Rise #02-12 HillV2, Singapore 667979
Tel: 6710 5605

Well, I seldom eat fast food; and if I do I don't write about it. I have decided to write about Chic-A-Boo because of its location at my current favorite hangout - HillV2. It was long queue when we went into the fried chicken joint, but the amazing thing was that everyone took the initiative to clear their own trays!

I had wanted to try the Black Pepper Chicken Burger (SGD$4.90) but there were  no burgers available on that fateful Saturday evening at merely 8.00pm. Hence I settled for the Chicken Potpie (SGD$5.90) which came in an adorable large dome-shaped bread bowl.

Opening up the "lid" revealed the surprise that the crispy bread bowl - and yes, it was very delightedly crispy - the top part was spread with garlic butter so it was like eating garlic bread literally.  The thick soupy fillings were heavy with pepper taste, which suited me just fine - and it was loaded with chunks of chicken, peas, carrots, corn etc. It was a lovely dish especially eaten in combination with its crispy crust.

The Beau ordered Set 2 (SGD$9.50) consisting of 3 piece chicken (he chose 2 spicy, 1 original), corn muffin and a soft drink. For the 2 sides, we had coleslaw and potato wedges - I rather liked the shell-shaped wedges as they were quite crispy.

As for the chicken, oh well, let's just say we didn't feel it was worth the 30-40 minutes wait (yes, it was that long a wait!). The outside was rather flakey, yes, and at first couple of bites one could commend it for being "tasty", "flavorful" etc. Though, afterwards it just sank in that the entire chicken was simply too salty, obliterating what spiciness there was. The corn muffin was nothing in comparison to Kenny Rogers' sweet and fluffy ones.

Needless to say, while we got to try the food here and satiated the rare craving for fried chicken, it would also be our first and last visit to Chic-A-Boo. Other more conventional fried chicken fast food joints serve better chicken.

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