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Monday, 6 October 2014

Brunch at Brewerkz Restaurant @ Clarke Quay

30 Merchant Road #01-05 / 06 Riverside Point, Singapore 058282
Tel: 6438 7438

Brewerkz is known for handcrafted beers from its very own microbrewery, and has been around for a long time. Have I been here before in the past? Certainly.

Today is special because I am coming here in the daytime - now that's a first! They have removed their brunch menus, so *Gareth, wife and kid, *Celine and I met for lunch.

The dim setting with booths was comfortable, casual, relaxing and beckoning - all the warmth of a good old American style restaurant. Service was rather fast and efficient, so we were able to place our orders shortly after being seated. The place was packed with happy diners on this public holiday afternoon.

We began with a round of beers, of course - Golden Ale, Bright Ale and Wheat Beer were all in order. I love their smooth, light beers that went smoothly down the throat and are refreshing on hot days / nights.

They did not have Mussels today, unfortunately. Hence we ordered other starters. Such as the Big Brewhouse Chicken Wings (SGD$17.00 for large) which were basically buffalo wings renamed - served with hot chilli sauce and sticky lime sauce on the side. The well-marinated wings were crispy on the outside with fragrant smokey hints, and the juicy flesh was tender.   It was a good starter.

Next, we had the Salt & Pepper Calamari Rings (SGD$17.00 for large) - crispy and tasty deep fried squid rings. I love calamari for crispy exterior encapsulating chewy flesh within, and this met my expectations in texture. Flavor was good too, the hints of pepper and salt were evident but not overpowering.

Cutie *Elise had a Fish & Chips under the Kidz menu (SGD$15.00) - a rather huge slab of fish fried to a lovely golden brown served with thick fries. Those who had sampled the dish said it was good, but I guess the little sweetie was more enticed by the chocolate ice-cream served at the end of the meal.

*Gareth had a Brewerkz Burger (SGD$21.00) that came with a thick, juicy patty and topped with blue cheese - the latter redolent in a strong fermented flavor that you either hate or love. The thick cut truffle fries were crispy and he enjoyed the burger overall.

*Gareth's wife, *C, had a BBQ Pork Ribs (SGD$33.00 for half rack) - glazed in chipotle honey BBQ sauce and served with coleslaw and mushrooms. The ribs were tender and moistened to a delicious sweetness. It was a very huge portion nonetheless.

*Celine decided to go for The Artisan Pizza (SGD$23.00), a crispy pizza with thick crust. The pizza consisted of duck confit, roasted tomatoes and caramelized onions - and it was a wonder of flavors exploding in one's mouth. Imagine having duck confit on a pizza... no wonder she strived to finish the pizza despite the large portion.

I selected the Seafood Spaghetti (SGD$27.00) after much deliberation. The portion was huge and the pasta was not springy. The tomato sauce was strong - sweet, sour and rich. The seafood portion was rather generous as well, lots of clams, prawns and squids (too bad no mussels for the day), adding to the palate a combination of the seaworthy sweetness of these delicacies. It fared rather all right for a marinara spaghetti and I have no complaints at its wholesome simplicity.

We had wanted desserts but everyone was stuffed to the max hence we had to give it a miss. Overall it was a fun and lovely dining experience here, but I'd suggest for small eaters to perhaps share the mains.

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